Business Owner Shares Lessons Learned Building Her Side Hustle
Sometimes, as a business owner building her side hustle, we must do what we cannot stand to do in order to move ourselves, our family, or our finances further: we must go to a job. As much as we might hate it, we know if we don’t, then we will sink and our businesses will too.

My Story

Back in September, I was forced to get a part time job. My husband and I were not in a place financially to pull off a one person income. I could no longer deny the fact that if I didn’t get a part time job, we were going to sink quickly. I hated this fact and I didn’t tell anyone. My parents didn’t find out until after my first day of working! I was so ashamed of working and so angry that I didn’t want to tell anyone. In my mind, getting a part time job said I was a failure as a business owner – my business was a failure. It didn’t take off, so now I must work for some other person fulfilling their dream as mine was on “hold.” I have never even mentioned where I work on my personal Facebook page, even to this day.

iFlash forward three months later and I’m still working.

Do I enjoy it? No.
Do I want out? ASAP.
Have I come to the realization that this job is temporary? Yes.
Have I accepted this fact? Yes – I had to.
Working part time is no longer a problem for me anymore and I don’t see it as a failure now either. I know it is income to help me boost my business as well as provide for our home. It actually makes me proud to see the little money I make go towards helping us pay our bills or buying a new shirt. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to our bank account, even if it’s in the way I don’t want to contribute. I don’t have to worry so much about my business because I’m taking care of my family in other ways too.

Business Owner Shares Lessons Learned Building Her Side Hustle

What I am Learning

But what I am learning is that I’m constantly in brainstorming mode as I’m looking for opportunities to get out of my job. Unfortunately, I can’t network as much as I would like. However, I can continue to move myself forward using social media, my newsletter, and building my brand more clearly.

1. Don’t Waste Time on Social Media

I have learned some lessons while being in my part time job, such as I have to use my time carefully now. I went to a conference last month where I learned that I have been spending too much time on social media and not enough time using it to move my business forward. So I shifted my focus and my time. Since I work on Monday and Tuesday, I am forced to use the little time I have on my business on updating and planning my social media campaign. This is done through Hootsuite and it is so nice planning out my social media week. It’s a good feeling to let it run on autopilot! During these days, I’ll also answer any emails, make any calls, and set up any appointments on those days, since I have Toastmasters and Bible study on these nights as well.

2. Block Out Time For Networking and Business Building

Wednesdays are my networking days and my one on one meeting days (when I can network though weather permitting). Thursdays and Fridays are the days I work on my business; I will work on up and coming classes, pulling together content for blogs, getting my webinar ready (or whatever I’m putting on at the time), talking with potential leads, and the investing in myself and business. I try to make one of these days my CEO days as a business owner, which means making my business go forward, planning for future classes and workshops, and investing in myself and business.
I usually work every Saturday at my part time job as well as have Bible study that night, so whatever time I have, I cram anything I didn’t get done in the week during this time.
Sundays can be my days off, but sometimes they are not. Life of an entrepreneur, right?
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3. Apply What I Learned From My Day Job to My Business

I am also learning that the people I work with are just preparing me for people I could work with in my business. How will I talk about them or how will I present myself to these types of people? It helps me to put myself in a position to say, “Do I care enough about my image outside of my business?” I fail sometimes, but I try to remember that whatever I’m displaying for my co-workers to see is what I could be displaying to my professional peers. Now that’s something to think about.

Lessons from a Business Owner

Yes it’s aggravating not moving forward as fast as I would like, but it’s definitely growing me and being a CEO for a business owner should be all about growth, right? Even when it’s not fun or pleasant.
I always try to remember my Grandmama’s saying, “This too shall pass.” I know this job is not permanent and it won’t last forever. I have goals to get out of it as soon as I can, but during the wait, I can enjoy the friendships I am building and the people I’m meeting.
If you’re in a part time job (or even full time) and you’re getting frustrated, just remember that this is a time for you to grow (even though you hate it – I hate it too!) and to succeed in ways that others won’t.
To all my friends who are working on two jobs: one is an employee position and one building an empire as a business owner to rule the world. Continue on my friends! This too shall pass and one day, we’ll rule the world together! Continue to build your empire one brick at a time, one day at a time! You were born to be a CEO, don’t let this time in your life get you down!

This too shall pass and one day, we’ll rule the world together!

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