6 Simple Business Models That Will Give You More Freedom (VIDEO)
When you are starting a business, you don’t have to create an idea from scratch. News flash! People are already making money with certain business models! Some things already work and some things don’t. Wouldn’t you rather start a business knowing it has a more likely chance to succeed?
Your new business doesn’t have to be something brand new. Other people can already be doing it. There can be other people already succeeding it.
For example, am I the only business coach in the world? Am I the only career coach in the world?
There are other coaches out there but I add my unique twist in my online courses and that is what attracts women to my courses.
Don’t think for a second that you have to come out of the wood work with brand new business idea that no one has ever done before. If other people are doing it, that means it is a great business model and you can make money doing it.

A note on copying:

I am not advising you to copy anyone. I always believe in being 100% you and bringing all of you into your new business so it is unique and stands out. I have never seen another business out there like Classy Career Girl, have you? But, I have modeled hundreds of other businesses to set up my foundation and structure and now am venturing out to be completely different with a model that is a combination of just a few others out there. In the beginning, you can seek inspiration from other people’s business models but as you grow, it is more important than ever to cut the noise and just do your own thing.
Below, I focus on the business models that you can start that will give you more of a freedom lifestyle. These are models you can do to create more freedom and flexibility in your life which as a working mom, I really love and endorse! These are the top 6 models for a freedom lifestyle that will get you thinking of some business models going forward. I have tried and tested all of these ideas over the last six years of running my business so if you have any questions, just ask in the comments below!

6 Simple Business Models That Will Give You More Freedom

 1. Publishing

This model is all about publishing content. You could create online courses. You could write ebooks or blog content and not make all of it public. You could publish content based on your expertise or create how-to videos. You can post the videos on Youtube or create a private site where only certain people (who pay) can watch them. You can also create a business publishing weekly or daily newsletters and make an income out if it by including advertising or selling your products in your newsletters.

2. Service Business

Consulting. Coaching.Social media coach. Event planner caterer web designer. Any type of speaker or endorse something else or on your blog a product or service. How can you provide a service to other people? Consulting is great if you have experience in your prior job. Think of ways you can help other people or go back and help your prior employer

3. Membership Site

This business model is all about creating a private membership site where people will pay a certain dollar amount to get into that site. You can have a private forum where people can discuss things privately and you have to be a member to see it. Try to think of ways you can create a business around becoming a member and paying a fee. The best part of this model is that it is recurring revenue that people will pay monthly if you can figure out a way to get that to stay and pay each and every month.

4. Products

You can create a company selling products such as a t-shirt or iphone app. You can also be an affiliate and sell someone else’s product so you don’t have to actually worry about creating the product yourself. I have my own affiliate program so other people can sell my products as well. I can make money and so can they so it’s a wonderful partnership and lots of fun to support other people’s products that I love!

5. Advertising

The best way to do this in today’s online world is to create a website and offer advertising on your blog.  You can also stand out by building up your social media profiles and the brands will pay you to take photos and display their products on your social media feeds. You need a lot of visitors to come to your site and your social media profiles though if you are going to do this.
One option is to try Google Adsense and they will give you code that you put directly on your website. You can also work directly with companies to put certain ads on your website or blog if you have a lot of readers coming to it. One of the very first ways I got started creating a business out of my blog was through sponsored posts.

6. E-commerce

This type of business model could be like creating your own book store or eBay store. You could also become an Amazon distributor. Think of ways you can sell things online rather than having the typical store front where people come in because there are a lot of costs associated with having a store front.
This list is just to get you thinking of how you can turn you passions into a business. I would love to hear what ideas you came up with and what business model you are going to use in the comments below!

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