The 5 Best Ways to Beat Burn Out
Even for those who love their careers, burn out is an inevitable part of the working world. Burn out is exhaustion and stagnancy created by work overload and constant stress. When left unmanaged, burn out can lead to depression, helplessness and deterioration of relationships.
Recognizing burn out early can allow you to stop it before it gets dangerous. Some signs to watch out for include feeling drained and sick constantly, becoming frustrated and giving up easily, procrastinating and isolating yourself from others.
If you feel yourself being affected by burn out symptoms, take action as soon as possible to get yourself out of the funk. Follow these tips to keep yourself motivated and successful at work.

1. Disconnect From Work

Set some time each day to turn off your phone and computer. Since anyone can reach you anytime through technology, it sometimes feels like work comes home, out to dinner, to the movies and anywhere you go. This can make you feel overwhelmed and like you can never catch a break, which will likely lead to burn out symptoms.
Applications such as Offtime help you stop unnecessary phone usage and encourage you to drop the phone. It allows you to personalize how notifications are handled so you don’t have to feel totally out of control. Taking some time away from emails, calendars and notifications will help you clear your brain and enjoy the people around you.

2. Re-evaluate Your Work Goals

Sometimes burn out occurs because you are bored of doing the same routine at work. Take time to reorganize your goals and projects at work to become engaged again. This will get you motivated to go to work every day and get you out of the burn out cycle.
You can also ask for new responsibilities to get you reenergized. Use this time as an opportunity to rediscover what you love about your job.
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3. Explore Other Opportunities

To reverse the uninterested and worn-out feelings you may be experiencing, try something new and unrelated to work to get yourself excited about something. This could be a new hobby, creative outlet, or a fun project you can dedicate time to that has nothing to do with work.
You can also explore alternate income options, such as the new ridesharing phenomenon or starting your own business. Putting your energy into something new and separate from your job will give you the boost you need.

4. Stay Healthy

A healthy body will lead to a healthy mind. Drinking lots of water, sticking to an exercise routine, eating healthy, and having good sleeping habits will help you be healthy and in shape.
This will better prepare you to deal with the stress that comes with the job and give you a better chance of avoiding burn out. Shake up your routine from time to time by trying something new, such as a green smoothie in the morning or a post-work yoga routine.

5. Take a Break

If you are completely overwhelmed and becoming negatively affected by burn out at work, take some time off. Whether you go on a vacation or just spend a few days relaxing at home, sometimes a complete break from the office is exactly what you need. It allows you to refocus and recharge yourself and get back to work with a fresh outlook.
Overall, burn out is an extremely common occurrence, and it can certainly happen to you. But like most things in life, what matters is how you handle it. Use these tips to take care of yourself first, because your job should never take away your health and happiness.

A healthy body will lead to a healthy mind

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