6 Ways to Build Your Blog Audience
It might seem easy to start a blog. Ideas flow in and you get to write about your passions and what you love. Then you have a lot of blog posts but the problem is growing the audience and getting traffic to your blog site. Increasing web traffic other than your family and close friends can be a difficult thing, however, there are some practical tips that can help your blog develop, grow and even evolve into one of the most visited websites on the Internet.

6 Ways to Build Your Blog Audience

1. Syndicate Your Content

Blog syndication is when you put a snippet or just a piece of content of your blog to other websites. The main goal is to increase web traffic especially if you have just started a blog. You have a choice on how to syndicate your blog, but if you are trying to promote something like a product, then you can syndicate the entire article to give thorough information to your reader. There are many ways on you can syndicate the contents of your blog, but the most popular ones are through social media. This includes putting some of your blog contents to LinkdIn and Medium and so much more. There are also other

2. Blog Design

Your blog layout is a huge factor when it comes to attracting and increasing your audience. Your layout should be easy to use and anyone can navigate smoothly. You can do a Peek test to see what users do on your site. Most audiences when they visit your blog want to know the blogger’s name and information which is usually in the “About” page, so make sure this is visible. Additionally, the usual menubar should be organized and the comment section should be easy to use.

3. Write For Search Engines In Mind

When you have a blog and your goal is to sell and market your products, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very useful. Most bloggers ignore this because it can be tricky and sometimes even pricey. However, a great turnout for web traffic is shown when you invest in content marketing. An increase in search rankings will soon benefit like inquiries for advertising and even inquiries for your products. All you have to do is just brainstorm some keywords that should appear in your blog and look for people who can find clever ways to help you incorporate these keywords into your blog site. Using an easy website plugin like Yoast SEO can make this much easier to garner a lot of web traffic.
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4. Use Forums

Aside from SEO, using forums can be a great way to increase traffic as you start a blog. All you have to do is search questions that are related to your business topic and you can help people by answering them and even linking back to your website in the answer. This strategy is like hitting two birds with one stone. You are simply addressing their questions/problems and you are increasing web traffic to your blog at the same time.

5. Commenting On Other Blogs

Unfortunately, many people use the comment section to write spam comments, which gives a negative impression to this suggestion when starting a blog. However, if you are able to give a genuine comment, it is a great way to invite other blog writers back to your website or blog. As long as you are not overdoing it and invading all the comments sections of the website, forums and other blog sites similar to the niche you have, you will gain more viewers and make new friends.

6. Guest Post

Crossovers and collaborations are very important for bloggers. You may think it would promote competition, but it is usually viewed as connecting and widening your network to people or bloggers who are in the same niche as you. You just have to find a relevant and credible website and try to reach out to them by suggesting a relevant blog topic. You can write for free in the beginning and see from there how you can start earning extra from it.
These strategies are great ways to increase web traffic to your blog site. You don’t really need to spend a lot to promote your blog. All you need is to persevere and expand your network to fully enjoy the benefits of blogging.

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