How to Build a Website Different From the Rest
You can easily be like everyone else. It takes courage and confidence to be different. TO BE YOU! You must remember to create your brand and website with a different mindset of where you are at right now. I want you to create your website thinking about where you are headed, not where you are right now. For instance, in 6 months when you reach your goals, what do you want your website to look like? Start making that happen today. You don’t have to wait for 6 months! With all the noise out there now, it’s time to stand out and be different.

Here are 9 ways you can build a website different from the rest:

1. Create a Manifesto

If you didn’t care what other people thought, what would you say to your fans and followers? What are you sick of in your industry? What do your potential clients need to STOP doing that you feel so strongly about? What do your potential clients need to START doing you feel strong about? Here’s an example of CCG’s manifesto.

2. Create a Logo

Option 1: Picmonkey.com 1) Go to picmonkey.com and click on design. 2) Pick a transparent background for canvas color. 3) Pick a text and create your logo! You can also create a monogram and add different shapes as well.
Option 2: Brainstorm what you want your monogram or text logo to look like. Then, go to Picmonkey or Zillion Designs and try to create it yourself.

3. Create Your Signature Font

This is so easy! You don’t have to go with the font that comes with your website theme when you build a website. Instead use these options.
Option 1: WordPress plugin: Easy Google Fonts plugin
Option 2: Use a font in picmonkey.com.

4. Pick Your Signature Colors

Pick 2-3 colors you want to reference as you build a website. Get the hex color number and use those colors only everywhere across your website and social media. You want your viewers to immediately see your photos and branding and know it is you!

5. Be Consistent Across Social Media

You need to make sure your branding is consistent across all of your platforms so that your potential customers remember you. Here is a checklist to ensure your brand is consistent:
☐ Website and Blog
☐ Bio
☐ Free Lead Magnet training
☐ Facebook Page
☐ Instagram
☐ Facebook Ad
☐ Twitter Page
☐ Promotional Video
☐ Pop up
☐ Linkedin Page
☐ Business Card
☐ Phone voicemail
☐ Pinterest Page
☐ Sales Page
☐ Handouts or flyers
☐ YouTube Page
☐ Email signature
☐ Notecards or thank you cards

6. Add Social proof

You can’t have too many testimonials when you build a website. Put them all over your website now. Your potential customers love checking out other people’s results. The more you have, the more credible you are. Don’t hide out and be humble! Let your previous clients share how much you rock!
Hint: Create a simple survey in surveymonkey.com and send them the same link each time. Here are the questions you can use:
-What did you find as a result of buying this course (or working with me)?
-What specific feature did you like most about this course (or working with me)?
-What would be other benefits of this course?
-Would you recommend this course? If so, why?
-Is there anything you’d like to add?
-Do we have your permission to use your feedback on our website? If yes, please include your name, thank you! (Then, follow up to get a picture and you are all set!!)

7. Create Your Lead Magnet

What is the first step in the path that you want website viewers to do? When you build a website, you want to think about the product or service you are leading them to. Remember, problem, solution, problem solution. You want to give your viewers a solution to their problem but then they should still have another problem that you can help them with in the future. You definitely want to help your prospects in your lead magnet as much as possible (give away your BEST stuff!) but you also need to create a desire for the next step in your sales funnel.

8. Create an AWESOME About Page

Your about page should NOT be all about your accomplishments. Instead, it’s about how you can help your potential clients. What do they really want to know? Your about page can be broken into these steps. It should include their words about their frustrations and dreams that you found from surveying and talking to potential clients.  It should also give you some credibility and social media and testimonials from prior clients. Finally, you want to include a call to action so they can learn more about you and you can share what you provide in your lead magnet.
It’s also a great idea to include an official bio too for media and press and people who want to invite you to speak to their groups as well. Share all the details of how awesome you are here!

9. Create an AWESOME ‘Work With Me’ Page

What results have you gotten for your previous clients? How can they learn more and sign-up today? What will happen if they do sign-up today? How do you want them to feel on this page? Comfortable and confident in you and your services, right? Make sure this page is simple and easy to understand exactly how you can solve their problems and the benefits you provide. Make sure you get them excited too!

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