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My book is published!
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Book Reviews From Around the Web:

Katie Robinson from Ask The Young Professional, wrote a great book review on the Elite Millennial Online Magazine. She even shares two great tips from the book. Thanks Katie!

“Why am I telling a bunch of Millennials they should read this book? Because The Professional Women’s Guide To Managing Men is for more than just current female managers. No matter what your current position is, with this book you’ll learn what skills to start developing and start learning career development secrets much much earlier. Take my advice, read the book now before you make years of mistakes.” – You can read the entire post at The Elite Millennial by Katie Robinson

Also, this week Levo League hosted me on their site.  I wrote an article about being perfect that I think struck a chord by the attention the article is getting on Twitter!  
“Trying to be perfect” at work is something that will hold your career back.  It almost did for me when my male boss told me, “Anna, you don’t have to be perfect.”

Amazon Book Reviews:

I have been so honored to see over 20 great Amazon reviews already, even before the official launch!  Read a few of them below.

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men is a great resource for any business woman striving to succeed in managing men on a daily basis. It is an insightful professional guide that covers not just learning your own leadership strengths as a manager, but how to utilize them in your day to day managing tasks. The guide is a great tool for ladies just beginning their career in managing men, as well as those career ladies who have been managing men for some time. Runyan does a great job including her personal experiences, techniques, suggestions, and self evaluations for her readers in each chapter.
I would recommend this “Professional Woman’s Guide” to other career business ladies striving to manage men successfully.

Great Resource For Any Business Woman!

 By Drena Campbell

I came across Anna’s book and didn’t feel like it was the right time to read it. I’m starting a new job and am not leading men in my new job. But as I was reading it: I realized that the book is laid out in a way that teaches you how to handle men and different scenarios! Things that I must learn going into my new role and things I must know to get promoted!!! There is no right wrong time to read the book. It’s definitely something you will be taking with you going forward!

The book is very well written and I truly enjoyed the sections where Anna let’s you know what to take notes on and the questions she poses so that you can reflect on your past experience.

Must Read to Get Ahead!

 By djahilee

This brook provides helpful guidance along with practical applications. I am not currently in a managerial position but I was able to learn a great deal from the book. There are also activities that help the reader use what was just covered. I will definitely read this book again and keep if as a resource for further research projects.

A Wonderful Resource

 By Lisa Wisniewski

Whether you work with mostly men or women it is crucial to think about how other people think, feel, and respond to your actions. Anna lays out common scenarios you will encounter in any type of job and how to change the way you react by pre-thinking about how your actions influence others and your professional relationships.
A must read for any professional who wants to improve their working relationships.

A must for women who work

 By Lisa Fredin

This book did a great job of explaining how to work with different personalities! Obviously everyone has different work styles but I had never thought about how differently men approach work than women. I would recommend this book to anyone working with or managing men as it is an extremely relatable subject to all professional women.

Great read

 By Nicole Ellis

Endorsements From Leadership Experts

And I saved the best for last.  Here are some endorsements already coming in from some great career and leadership experts that I so admire!

Anna’s ability to share her experience as a professional and a coach makes this book relevant, realistic and authentic. This book is a great resource for any professional who is interested in developing the diverse talent on their team.  
– Angie Morgan, Former Marine Corps officer and Author of Leading from the Front
If you’re a woman on the rise professionally, you’re destined to have the challenge of managing men. And, you’re also also going to need this book. The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men offers you a win-win formula
– Ora Shtull, Executive Coach and Author of The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise

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