How to Implement a Blogging Routine
Question: “How do you implement a blogging routine with everyday life?” -Laura
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How to Implement a Blogging Routine With a Busy Schedule

1. The key is to plan ahead.

I plan a month ahead and write down what we are going to write about each day. I would recommend figuring out how many times you want to post every week. Maybe three times a week or one time per week (or daily if you are really motivated like us at CCG).
Before the month starts, I have planned out the ideas and topics of what I want to blog about. Then a week in the advance, I make sure content and photos are ready and that it has been edited, reviewed, and scheduled. I also make sure all of my guest contributors’ articles are pre-planned for the month.
Batching and planning ahead is my number 1 tip for you. I recommend scheduling a week or month in advance.
I love knowing the topics so when I wake up, I can start typing and I know exactly what to write about rather than wasting my precious morning focus time to brainstorm.

2. Install the WordPress Editorial Calendar

I also recommend creating your blog on a WordPress site and installing the WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin. This plugin makes it easy because you can plan out exactly what you are going to write about for the month. You can put the blog in as draft, pending or scheduled. This is great if you work with a team and have multiple writers, contributors and editors.
Here’s a screenshot of my current calendar this month. Screenshot 2016-06-13 22.36.04
If you don’t have WordPress account, you can do this with any calendar you have on hand.

3. Find Your Best Time

I know it’s hard to find the time to blog. Now this is my full time job but when I started my blog in 2010, I had a full-time job and I was going to business school at night. I know it’s hard. It’s very important to figure out when you write the best. When are you the most excited and focused to blog?
My editorial schedule back then was to blog once per week and I would write the post in the morning. I woke up an hour before I went to work and that was my time. I could read and blog. My morning is really when I do my best writing. That’s my creative hour.


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