4 Easy Steps For A Winning Blogging Calendar
A blogging calendar is an essential asset to a business in order to create a successful content creation strategy. Working means sometimes non-work-related things can distract you and without a schedule, you can easily become disorganized. The last thing you want to be doing during your valuable working time is scrambling to find ideas the day before they’re needed. It’s stressful, unnecessary and puts you at risk of not staying consistent with your publishing schedule.

4 Easy Steps For A Winning Blogging Calendar

1. Audit Past Posts

The first step in creating a blogging calendar is auditing your past posts. Look into how much coverage certain topics have had. Ask yourself, have any ideas been seriously neglected? What content ideas provide you with the most engagement and have you covered it at great length? Which ideas deserve the most attention? Keep a note of these answers as you will need this information. Knowing what content you have already covered in detail and what ideas give you the most engagement will direct you in deciding what ideas to post in the future.

2. Brainstorm

Next, brainstorm in your home office as many ideas on what to post as you can. Open up your mind and let all your ideas flow, just make sure you get them all down on paper. Now you can combine your covered ideas and new ideas and try and put a new spin on all of the topics that have already been covered.
You may struggle to come up with new ideas as it can feel like you’ve already covered everything. In this case, there are tools that can help you generate more ideas or show you how to express ideas in a new way. You should prepare your blog title for each idea as well, this will make the writing process easier.
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3. Choose a Frequency

Next, you need to pick a frequency. Would your followers want you to post on your blog every day? Every week? Twice a week? It can depend on how much time you want to spend in your home office but think about what has worked in the past for you and look into ideal blogging frequencies. You want to keep consistent and stick to this frequency. This way your followers can anticipate your posts and be ready with engagement when you’ve posted.

4. Make That Schedule!

Now you’re ready to create your ideas schedule. Create it in the form of a calendar and mark the specific day you’re going to post and the topic of the post. This way, you can write the post beforehand and schedule it in for posting. You’ll find yourself spending less time panicking and scrambling around for ideas and you will become more efficient, leaving you with more time to be creative within your writing.
Now that you have the important steps for creating the perfect blogging calendar, get started. Remember, a super-efficient and impressive looking schedule will only work if you actually use it. Update it as you go along and mark off blog posts you have written. There’s always the risk your plans could change, but it shouldn’t affect your efficiency, just consistently update your calendar and if needed rearrange it to keep everything up to date.

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