25 Easy Blog Ideas
We have now been writing on this very site you are reading for 6 years and we have over 1,200 articles! We are growing like crazy so I wanted to answer a question I get a lot about how I come up with blog ideas.  We are currently publishing three articles per day (and that will be increasing even more shortly) so I have learned A LOT when it comes to brainstorming and what types of content to put on this site.

Here’s What I Have Learned About Blogging

What I have learned is that the very best blog ideas are when I share something from the heart. Something that truly helps others in their career, business or life. One of the most important keys is to not worry so much about if people will like the article or if it fits in your scope of content.
We have all sorts of content here and each article adds a little piece to our history. There is no right or wrong article. Once article will fit one person and another will fit the next. We have a handy search box on our homepage and on the sidebar so anyone can search for exactly the type of content you want.  This is so important because it held me back for years. I finally got over it over the last year. You see I was scared to write about certain topics because half of my market wouldn’t be interested.  For example, I was scared to write about growing a business because half of my market was job searching. I was scared to write about becoming a working mom because half of my market didn’t have kids.
But, you know what….not everyone will read every article every single day anyways. Writing about all sorts of topics over the last few months has allowed me to see what types of content works and what doesn’t. What gets the most page views and what is a major flop.  It’s allowed me to push the publish button on multiple articles and not worry about whether or not just one will do OK.

My Blogging Advice To You

So, here’s my advice to you. Look at what does the best in google analytics but stop thinking about what you should write about so much and just start writing it. Done is better than perfect. Don’t waste your time. We have been going back to our previous blog posts from 2010 lately and updating them. They aren’t very pretty and there are a ton of spelling and grammar mistakes. But you know what, if I never started writing my first post in March 2010, I would be able to write this post in Feb 2016.
If you think so hard about what article you should write for an entire week, you could have written at least 7 daily articles instead. Publish now. Start now. Hitting the publish button now even if it isn’t perfect will help someone. Don’t you want the possibility of your blog article helping someone TODAY rather than sitting in your drafts? People are waiting for you to publish!

Don’t know what to write about? Here are 25 easy blog ideas:

Blog Title Templates

1. Five things you didn’t know about _____.
2. 10 quick tips for _____
3. If I had known then what I know now about ______.
4. Five best sites on _____.
5. The difference between _____ and _____.
6. A review of _____.
7. An interview with___.
8. Five must read books on___.
9. Seven ways to make your _____ better.
10. Four steps to a perfect____.
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Types of Blog Content:

11. Video
12. Audio
13. Interview
14. A collection of resources or links
15. Advice
16. List post
17. Answer a reader’s question
18. Take a news article and write your opinion
19. Call your readers to action – voting, donating, buying or writing a comment.
20. A review of something you purchased or were given.

Solve Problems

21. Solve your own problems. People love hearing about your experiences. Challenge yourself to something and ask your readers to hold you accountable.
22.  Ask readers for questions or look for problems and questions on other sites and on Google.
23. Ask people social media to gather questions.
24. Give a survey and ask for their issues and frustrations. Then, answer them on the blog.
25.  Ask friends or family what they are struggling with.
Give yourself permission to blog. There’s no right or wrong topic so generate as many blog ideas as possible. There’s no rules for how much or little you should blog. Just do what is best for you.

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