Black Friday and Thanksgiving: Classy Career Girl Style

Since today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you all stop by my blog each week to read what I have to say.  My goal is to provide encouragement and positive advice to young professionals, students and job searchers with hectic and demanding lives.  If I can somehow help one person reduce their stress, find a job they love, find work life balance, accomplish their goals or find their business chic fashion style, then I have succeeded.  Thank you for letting me share my passions with you and enabling me to learn so much more with your comments and kind words.  You all rock and completely inspire me!

I am taking off today and tomorrow as part of the Thanksgiving Unplugged Pledge.  (Don’t worry this post was scheduled ahead of time).  I hope that you also take a break from your digital devices today and enjoy some well deserved time away from work!   When was the last time you unplugged to read a book or do absolutely nothing at all. Sometimes we just need a break to recharge and now is the perfect time of year to disconnect.  Spend a day without email and social media and enjoy yourself.  My best ideas come when I am unplugged and I know the same will happen for you!

And to get a head start on Black Friday, here are a 5 things that might help give you a heads start:

  1. 40% off everything at Ann Taylor Loft store and its not even Friday yet!!
  2. Reader Jackie alerted me to this new website called Styleup.com that sends you an email with an outfit to inspire you that day. It’s tailored to the weather in your area and your style preferences.  The StyleUp Founder, a former fashion editor at Lucky, InStyle and New York magazine, Kendall Herbst, has spent roughly 20,000 professional hours sorting through shoes and bags, tops and bottoms. Her goal is to help busy, professional women take one question off their plate: What should I wear?  Wow, do I ever need this and just in time for Black Friday!
  3. 5 places to shop for affordable career friendly fashion
  4. 5 Essential smartphone apps for fashion addicts
  5. The conversation piece: How your outfit can help you network

If you have any Black Friday tips and awesome sales, please leave them in the comments section! I can use all the help I can get!

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