9 Social Media Best Selling Books
Social media has become not just an option, but rather a necessity for anyone who wants to brand themselves or their business. Today, we are excited to share a book giveaway of nine of the social media best sellers written by some of the world’s best social media experts.
These books contain all the strategies, tactics, “how to” instructions, tips and tricks that any individual, entrepreneur or small business would greatly benefit from on their quest to establish their presence on the biggest social platforms.

9 Social Media Best Sellers

 Here are the 9 best sellers that we are giving away:

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1. The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki
In his book, Guy Kawasaki mentions important tips on how to use value with every post and re-share. He said that there is a need to feed the content monster in this social media age but in doing so, you do not have to be the content creator at all time.
2. Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gay Vaynerchuk
The focus of the author of this book is on staying on top of your brand and not drowning despite the thousands of other brands out there. In his book, he outlines how social media storytelling can make a difference and how to make use of this difference to win your market. He focuses on social media platforms with a lifespan of at least three or five years.
3. Youtility by Jay Baer
Jay Baer’s book, Youtility, discusses why smart marketing is not all about the hype or selling. He reiterates how smart marketing is all about helping. In his introduction, he said, “If you sell something, you make a customer today, but if you genuinely help someone, you create a customer for life. This is Youtility.”
4. Pinterest Power by Jason Miles and Karen Lacey
This book shows readers how Pinterest is taking over other social media platforms. It tells its readers why they should start using Pinterest to grow their brands and businesses. If you are not sure how to use Pinterest for business or branding, this book is right for you.
5. No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing by Dan Kennedy and Kim Walsh-Phillips
Dan Kennedy and Kim Walsh-Phillips wrote this book with the aim of sharing to their readers, who are most probably marketers or business owners, how they can monetize likes and shares on their social media pages. Some topics covered include making social media a conversion tool and attracting traffic to turn them into real customers.
6. Will the Real You Please Stand Up by Kim Garst
Social media expert, Kim Garst, shares her best practices in order to stay on top of the social media platform. But she did not mean this book as just another how-to. This book unleashes the secret of using YOU to be successful in any social media platform.
7. Instagram Power by Jason Miles
In this study, Jason Miles shows readers how they can harness the power of Instagram and use it in REAL marketing scenarios. If you are using Instagram but not as a revenue generator, then it’s time for you to start monetizing it and stop wasting your time on it. This is one of the best sellers in the social media niche you should read.
8. Shareology by Bryan Kramer
This book targets entrepreneurs, marketers, and individuals. In it, Bryan Kramer presents how the art of sharing started, how it has changed over the years, and why it is of much value in this technical-savvy generation. Another one of the best sellers worth reading.
9. Twitter Power 3.0 by Joel Comm & Dave Taylor
You will learn how to make your tweet more significant each day by reading this book. The authors have presented this book in a way that educates their readers on how they can make use of Twitter to their advantage and why they should be using Twitter. It outlines how Twitter is different from other social media sites.
Start making the most out of your social media marketing today! Enter the giveaway. Apply the principles. Share your experiences.

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