7 Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Could Be Your Second Career
If you are looking to supplement your income, you should consider a career in beauty. Supplementing your income with a beauty career does not mean going from door to door with cosmetics, but offering your professional skills to your local community or the world! To learn more about a career in the beauty industry, and to find out if it is the right choice for you, be sure to read our overview of possible beauty careers below!

7 Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Could Be Your Second Career

1. Beauty Therapist

If you are a sociable person who has no problems making other people feel relaxed, there could be a future for you as a beauty therapist. To become a beauty therapist, you need a friendly and easygoing attitude. If you are a social creature, this could be the career for you.
As a beauty therapist, you will be providing your clients with professional face and body treatments; this may include cleansing, massages, makeovers, eyebrow shaping, nail treatments and more. It’s an interesting career that enables you to encounter people who are just as passionate about beauty as you are. Thus, it is not impossible to make a career out of your hobby!

2. Modeling

If you have the looks and people often say you should model, then why not have a go at it? Even though it is hard to make serious money from the modeling industry, if you are looking to add some income to your household, being a model can bring some extra cash in.
Contrary to what many people believe, you do not necessarily have to be a certain height and weight to become a model, because there is a huge difference between high fashion and commercial fashion. While you need the right sizes to work in high fashion, commercial fashion enables people who don’t have the right height or weight to work in the fashion industry. There are numerous plus-sized model agencies, but also agencies for petite models. So, if you have the looks and want to make some money, sign up with an agency that matches your looks.

3. Skincare Specialist

Interested in helping people look their best? If so, then there could be a second career waiting for you as a skincare specialist. The job description of a skincare specialist is close to that of a beauty specialist, although a skincare specialist is considered a specialized branch of the esthetician profession.
To become a skin care specialist, you also need to be social, because you will encounter many different people. Your day-to-day tasks may include giving cleansing facial treatments to providing advice so your client can look her or his best.
Most skincare specialists work in salons and beauty spas, but you could also open your own salon and become self-employed if you have the right business know-how. It is a fulfilling career that could be the right fit for you if you have the skills and kind social nature.
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4. Nail Technician

Those with patience and a creative nature may find the perfect career in the nail industry. A nail technician is a specialized beauty therapist, only focusing on the maintenance of fingernails and toenails. As a nail technician, you provide manicures, pedicures, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal, synthetic nails treatments, and much more. If you’re bored easily on the job and like to express your creativity, being a nail technician may provide you with the daily excitement you need.

5. Hairdresser

If you have good people skills and an interest in fashion and hairstyles, your perfect career may be that of a hairdresser. However, if you consider a career as a hairdresser, you also must be willing to learn new things. Hairstyles are always changing and evolving, so you must be prepared to re-school yourself on new techniques somewhere down the line.
There is a huge market available for hairdressers since people will always need a haircut. Unfortunately, there are also many hairdressers around; this means that you must have a true talent and dedication to the profession to make it as a hairdresser.
Before you consider opening your own business as a hairdresser, it is best to work at a salon first. By working at a salon, you will gain valuable experiences such as client interaction, appointment scheduling and much more. You will also learn more about the inner workings of a successful salon, an experience that is undoubtedly going to contribute to your own success down the line.

6. Fashion Designer

Even though not everyone has the skill and creativity to become an international success, the fashion designer is still one of the most interesting professions in the beauty industry. As a fashion designer, you get to choose and design the clothing. Unfortunately, making your way in the fashion industry is never easy.
Much like becoming a hairdresser, you will need loads of experience to make it in the fashion world. If you have the right qualifications, the first place to start is a fashion house where you can learn from fashion designers who have already established themselves in the fashion world. Even though you might like your job and decide to stay permanently, you always have the option to take what you’ve learned and start your own fashion label. Still, it is important never to leave your job too early, because, like hairstyles, fashion is always evolving. So, learn what you can before you decide to go at it on your own.

7. Other Jobs in the Beauty Industry That Could Supply More Income

The jobs we described above are just touching the surface of the beauty industry. Other jobs in the beauty industry include shoemakers, dressmakers, tailors, jewelry designers, garment technologists, web merchandisers, and much more. So if you have not found your perfect second beauty career, be sure to consider these as well!

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