How to Be Confident in Your Career Video From Classy Career Girl
There is one thing that I hear over and over again from young professional women who are just starting out in the professional world. How do I build up my confidence at work? Today, I want to share with you a presentation I  did for a group of high school girls at Oceanside High School’s Girl’s Empowerment Conference.
I tried to make most of the tips useful to women at any age so I think you will enjoy the video and also get a lot out of it! Be confident today!

A few takeaways from the How to Be Confident presentation:

  • Having a positive attitude can double the chances of career success.
  • Being an introvert can make you afraid to put yourself out there, but you can overcome it!
  •  Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by self-confidence -interviews, salary negotiations, networking events, sports, presentations, and more!
  • Self-confidence can be learned through practice, it isn’t an innate skill that you are born with.
  • Confidence can be shown through what we wear, what we say, and how we act.
  • Dress appropriately, but show your style and self-confidence through your fashion – you will feel more confident when you like what you are wearing.
  • Demand attention by conveying confidence through your voice and your posture.
  • Make sure you are tracking and celebrating your wins, no matter how small they are.
  • Accept compliments, don’t downplay your successes when someone comments on them. Take control of your wins and celebrate them.
  • Make a list of 50 things that you do really, really well. It sounds like a lot, but it is easy to overlook your success as time goes on.
  • Have faith in yourself. Be happy. Feel good.
I truly believe that portraying self-confidence is the first key to building a successful career. I really hope this video will help you build your own self-confidence!

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