5 Smart Strategies to Automate Your Website and Save 12 Hours a Week
I have enough to do every week to run my business and my house and still try and get some yoga done every day. My VA is already busy and I have more things I would like her to be doing. I have an intern starting in the spring, but my task list for her is full and she hasn’t even started. To keep my sanity in running my site, I have found these little tricks to help me automate my site. 

5 Smart Strategies to Automate Your Website and Save 12 Hours a Week

1. RSS Newsletters

I like to email my list weekly. But between writing content for my members, content for my blog, working on my funnels, and content for my social media, something had to go. The weekly newsletter was it. Thanks to the wonderful people at MailChimp, I could create an RSS newsletter. I used the RSS feed from my blog to automatically create the content for my newsletter. Now each week a newsletter is sent out automatically with the last blog posts that went up. And I don’t have to do anything besides my daily blog posts. 

2. Auto Posting for Social Media

If you set this up properly, it can be a life saver. I have my blog posts set up to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and my LinkedIn Group. The posts include the image, the first paragraph and the title. So long as I have a catchy title on my blog post (which I should be doing anyways) it will have a catchy title on my social media posts.
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3. Making the Most of My Blog Posts 

Whenever I have new opt-ins or masterclasses available, I write a blog post about it. Not about the fact that I have a new opt-in, but about the opt-in topic. So let’s say I have an offer about SEO. I’ll write a post about SEO tips and make sure I put a call to action at the bottom of the post for the new offer. This way it will get out on social media and my newsletter. Plus, I have a permanent blog post out there to share and pin and get lots of traffic to my site.

4. Autoresponders

This one may kind of seem obvious. But hear me out. I don’t just use autoresponders for my free offers. I use them for all my offers. Whether it’s my individual sessions, my courses, my masterclasses, or a simple website review, I have an autoresponder. In those autoresponders are links to my calendar scheduler and surveys so I can learn more about them and they have easy ways to meet with me. Plus I can tell them exactly what to expect from whatever program they have signed up for.

5. My Days of the Week Themes 

Every day is something new for me. Monday’s I focus on my social media. Tuesdays, I focus on my website updates. Wednesday, I focus on my SEO. Thursday, I focus on my products. Friday is all about my blog. And the weekends are all about writing new content. I have my everyday tasks that I do every day but then my weekly tasks I batch out like this. It takes the guess work out of what I need to do each day. To set this up I did a little time study and saw what I was doing every day for two weeks, how I was doing it, and why I was doing it. This not only created my processes but also showed me how to use my time in the most efficient way possible. 
Honestly, there are so many different things I do to help make my business run smoothly even while I am sleeping. What do you do to automate your business and help you save time each week?

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