4 Crucial Things You Need To Do Right Now To Attract More Clients
Want more clients? You are in the right place.
But first, if you haven’t yet set a goal for how many new clients you would like to attract, we highly recommend setting your goal right now.
No really…stop reading and write down how many new clients you want to get this month (and 1 is totally acceptable)!
Ok, now you are ready to go!

4 Easy Things You Need To Do Right Now To Attract More Clients

1. Prepare

I know this step sounds super boring but it is crucial! Here’s how you get 100% prepared to attract new clients:
– Clear a space in your calendar to take on more customers and clients this month. This could be blocking out time for phone calls or blocking out time for other revenue-generating activities where you will be selling your product.
– Get customer files and notebooks ready to start taking notes about your future clients. These blank notepads and customer folders need to be sitting on your desk and ready to go (we love them when they are pink and pretty too but that’s your call! 🙂
– Set up a way that your customers can book a session to speak with you to learn more about your products and services.
– Get your payment processor setup. We use and recommend Paypal or 1shoppingcart so your customers can actually purchase your products or services from you. (Note: You don’t need to have a website built to take payments. Paypal will work just fine).
– Let go of any fears about getting clients holding you back by repeating affirmations every day this week. Wake up 5 minutes earlier and do it or read them right before bed.  Whatever works but make sure you add these to your day.

2. Focus On Who Your Clients Really Are

Start by writing out the answers to these questions to really understand your clients better.  You will be able to help way more people if you know what really matters!
1. What are the three deep dark pains of your ideal client?
2. What keeps your client up at night?
3. What are three of your ideal client’s biggest desires?
4. How does your client feel right now?
5. How does your client want to feel instead?
By the end of this week, ask 2 people who you think are your ideal clients and validate your answers to see if they are true. Did you miss anything?

3. Focus On Feelings

Don’t worry. This step isn’t what you think.  We aren’t going to talk about your feelings. Instead, we want to focus on what feelings you help create in your clients. The truth is, your ideal clients will buy your products and services because of how they feel.  So, how do you want them to feel? That’s the big question of the day!
What do you do? Spend some time thinking and writing down your answers to these questions:
1. What do you want your clients to FEEL when they work with you and your company?
2. How can you improve the processes and systems in your business so that your potential clients FEEL this way when they are brought into your sales funnel?
3. How can you improve your website and copy so that your clients FEEL this with their first impression of you?
Your clients also want to know what values and beliefs your company has. If they share some of the same values, that will draw them into working with you as well. They want to feel like they can trust you and that you have a lot of the same beliefs and values too!

4. Get the Word Out!

This is one simple strategy to attract more clients.
Today I’d like you to send this message to at least 5 colleagues and say,
“Hey (so and so), I just wanted to let you know that I’m spreading the word that I have a few openings in my business right now. If you know of anyone who is looking for help with (insert what it is that you do) would you mind passing my information along?”
Then include your information that they can send to others. End your message thanking them and offering to do the same for them at any time in the future.
That’s it – it’s simple and effective. Make this a habit and you’ll attract the clients you really want to work with!


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