The Importance of Being Present
Have you ever thought about what you look like when you walk into a room? Are you being present, awake, confident and alive? Is your energy positive or negative? Ever been in a meeting where someone walks in and the atmosphere completely changes?
Recently, I was attending a training class and the woman teaching the class reminded me how much my mood can affect others. She was so warm and happy and could easily make the entire class smile. If she laughed, she had the entire class cracking up so hard we were crying. When she sat back down with bad posture and yawned, it made the whole class feel exhausted.

Did you know how contagious your attitude is? That is why being present is so important.

The Importance of Being Present

When you talk to someone else, do you really listen to everything they are saying or are you thinking of what you need to do or say next?  I have been trying really hard to focus on the conversations I am having and be fully present.  To be fully present means you are able to focus on a single person, idea or topic and not think about anything in the past or future.

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Being full present automatically lifts your spirits.

Oprah says that “Being fully present automatically lifts your spirits, clears your mind of distractions and brings clarity…even some joy, if you’re open to it. Meaningful things happen when you give someone your undivided—undistracted—attention.  Because that’s what everyone is really looking for: to be validated, appreciated and heard. To be raised up by their interactions, and not put down.  I know for sure: When we connect to what’s alive in another person, the feeling is mutual.”
Being fully present takes effort and focus in every conversation you have and every meeting you attend.  But, it is worth the extra effort because it can increase the quality of your relationships.

What are your tips to be present in the moment?

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