Are You Holding Yourself Back? Five Career Mistakes To Avoid
There’s more to a job than simply showing up. If you’ve toiled in the trenches without any sign of a promotion, you may be starting to wonder if you’ve done something wrong. Although it depends on the situation, it’s entirely possible that you’re doing everything right in a technical sense.
But to keep your career from hitting a plateau, you need to keep growing as an employee or entrepreneur. Are you sabotaging yourself by making any of these five common career mistakes?Neglecting to Self-Promote
In an ideal world, our talents and skills would be immediately recognized and we’d be promoted accordingly. Yet in the real world, if you’ve completed a task you’re proud of it may be necessary to give your boss a gentle reminder. Self-promotion is also incredibly important if you’re freelancing, self-employed, or interested in starting up your own business. Most industries are highly competitive, meaning that you’ll have to draw attention to your hard work and talents. If payment negotiations come up, don’t be afraid to remind your boss of a job well done.

Being unprepared or disorganized

Have you been given the green light to head up an important project or give a key presentation at the workplace? Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by not being prepared, or you may not get a second chance. Brushing up on some project management basics can make a world of difference, as can doing your research before a presentation. If you get a shot at greatness, be ready to make the most of it!

Forgetting to Ask for Feedback

You won’t know if you’re meeting your employer’s expectations at work unless you ask. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback at the conclusion of an important project or product launch, to find out what you did right and where there’s room for improvement.
Taking an active role in your own career growth will help propel you forward. It also shows that you’re willing to undergo additional training or learn from your mistakes if necessary.

An Unwillingness to Take Risks

Do you play it too safe with your career? Whether you want to start a business of your own or have a great idea that you think could benefit your current employer, go for it! Taking a step outside of your comfort zone shows higher-ups and colleagues that you have what it takes to get promoted.

Speaking Up at the Wrong Time

It’s often recommended to ask for new responsibilities, training, or a raise. Being assertive and letting your boss know what you want is a great way to advance your career, but be sure that your timing is right. If the company’s struggling, it’s not a good time to ask for a raise. You don’t want to come across as pushy, so learn how your manager operates and time your requests accordingly.
If work is going well, it’s all too tempting to go with the flow. But taking the time to be a bit more proactive can work wonders in your career development, so be on the lookout for these typical career mistakes.

Today’s post is written by Rachel MacDonald, a freelance writer for small businesses with an avid interest in entrepreneurship.

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