How To Act Natural On Camera When Making Videos
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Question: “How do you act naturally in front of the camera? What do you do if you feel bad watching your own videos?”-Anonymous

How to Act Natural On Camera When Making Videos

1. Repetition

First, know that this isn’t easy. It might appear that way but I have been doing this for 5 years.
It does get easier the more you do it.
I am an introvert. It is difficult to put myself out there. There’s a lot of fear associated with it.

2. Pretend You Are Talking to a Real Person

I have learned to take the pressure off myself by pretending I am talking to a friend or client. We have a social media intern on our team and she was also a previous client. When I am doing a video, I imagine that I am talking to her. Same with when I do webinars. I am more relaxed because she’s my ideal client and my friend. So I hope I come across as more friendly because I am just talking to a friend.
It’s so important to be yourself. I am still figuring this out. I want you to know me personally through video.

3. Record With a Friend or Family Member

Another tip that has helped me lately is to have someone around like my husband is here in this video. We can talk back and forth because I am myself around him. If he’s in the room, it helps me relax.

4. Focus On Helping and Your Mission

Looking back at my first video makes me want to cringe too but they really do get better as you go. Sometimes you just have to upload that video, hit publish it and you’ll see that it actually helped someone. Someone else will comment or someone will say that it really helped them. That is all that you need.
I don’t need to go back and watch my first video from 5 years ago but I can go back and look in the comments 3 years ago where someone said that the video really helped.  That makes it worth it. You don’t need to watch them all. But please put them out there. Share them with the world.
You have a message. That’s what this thing is all about. We want to make a difference. If you don’t actually upload it and put it out into the world, then you can’t share your message and live that life that we all know you can. Just remember, act natural 🙂
I’ll see you next time on CCGTV.


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