Achieve Your Goals in 6 Easy Steps
Do you find it difficult to achieve your goals? Motivation is this invisible force that drives you toward a goal and keeps you going when things get rough. It is the reason you wake up early or stay up late to finish your work. When you have big dreams and you want to achieve your goals, first take a moment to look at the big picture to find the right approach to start.

Here are 6 Ways to Achieve Your Goals:

1. Visualize Your Success

First, imagine the big picture. Visualize your goal already achieved. How does it feel? What will accomplishing the goal bring to you? Pay attention to how you feel and then write down these triggers so that you can access them anytime you need a little push to keep going.
I also recommend making a vision board that represents what you want to CREATE in your life, not what you want to GET in your life. There are outside factors that you have no control over so make sure you remember that. Only you can be in charge of what you create. That is what you want to visualize and shoot for.

2. Plan Your Work

In order to achieve your goals, it may require a lot of work and sometimes it can become overwhelming. This is where planning can help. Break down your work and plan the steps you need to take so you remain motivated to continue.
I recommend breaking your big project into baby steps and writing down all of the steps that need to get done. Then put them into a project management software or to-do list so that you can check them off and monitor the progress of the entire project.  This is especially great when you can start delegating tasks and watch your project get completed each day without you having to do each item yourself.  Think of ways you can ask for help and delegate items that are big and scary and holding you back from reaching your goals. It might just be as simple as asking a friend for help or reaching out to a mentor. 

3. Focus on Small Goals

Small goals are like little baby steps that are easy to take. Use these little steps to break up a long term goal that may otherwise seem almost impossible to achieve. Break the elephant into small chunks to help you stay fired up and excited as you move towards your goal. It’s all about the baby steps and imperfect action daily.  Even 15 minute counts when you are focused on the RIGHT steps to achieve your goals!

4. Eliminate Negative Thoughts & Replace Them with Positive Ones

This is one of the most important ways to keep you focused on your goal. Find the time to practice positive thinking daily. Start observing your thoughts and recognize negative self-talk. When you become aware of your negative thoughts take each one and squash it like a bug. Instead of saying “I can’t”, say “If that girl can do it, so can I!” and although it sounds corny, it works all the time.

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5. Never, Ever Quit

At times, you may find it hard to keep going and may feel like you’ll never achieve your goals. Remember that going the extra mile is never crowded and the harder it gets the more you have to stretch yourself. It is a sign of growth and a chance to reach and beat your limits.
Make a commitment to never stop and do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

6. Find Pleasure Again

Make your journey pleasant, fun and exciting. Reward yourself after completing each baby step along the way. Don’t forget mandatory self-care along your journey to your goal and take care of yourself with some exercise and healthy eating. Your health factors into your energy and confidence so it is just as important as taking steps to achieve your goals.

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All in all, you must have a strong answer to WHY you want to reach your goal, in order to feel motivated. Make sure you really know what really drives you and why you really want to complete your goal. This way, you will be 100% committed.

How do you stay focused when working to achieve your goals? Would love to hear in the comments below!

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