5 Things Your “About Us” Page Needs To Be Saying About Your Business
What makes an “About Us” page so important? It creates an excellent way to tell your visitors who you are (duh!) and gives them the confidence that your business possesses the required experience and skills to meet their needs.
A person in search of a particular service will usually go to your “About Us” page to get more information about your company, products, and services.
Because individual motivations are inherently different, it goes without saying that different visitors will be interested in different types of information. The first and most important piece of information your visitors are interested in is who you are and if you can offer them what they want.

5 Things Your “About Us” Page Needs To Be Saying About Your Business

1. You Have the Experience They Need

Spend time remembering everything you’ve gone through in the course of running your business. Think back to the good times, times you will forever be proud of, and the memories that still embarrass you to this day.
Choose a story which, to you, clearly represents the core of your business in its entirety. Tell it to your customers, existing and potential, through your about page. Your first day of business, the first time you had to make a delivery to a certain part of town and couldn’t locate the address, or even your last anniversary celebration and how far you have come.
You’re not looking to write down your company’s total history or recite its mantra repeatedly. The “about us” page on your website should introduce your company to your customers, and showcase your company’s core values. The main goal is to capture their attention and compel them to want to know more.

2. You Have The Qualifications They Need

“Most people searching for certain services generally want reassurance that a company is qualified,” says Brendan Wilde. “They want to know why they should trust your business, as they very well should. Therefore, avoid getting carried away in your storytelling that you neglect to list your credentials on your about page.”
Some of the information you can include is: how you got started, your length of time in the field, how much and how varied your experience is, relevant awards you’ve received, your past clients, and associations and causes you have been involved in.
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3. You Are Willing to Get Personal

A neon sign showing you are not afraid to get personal with your clients is always welcoming. When someone going through your website clicks your “about us” page, it shows they have a real interest. Or, at the very least, a gearing curiosity to get to know you. They just discovered your business site and are trying to make a decision about whether or not they can trust you.
Your “about” page allows you the opportunity to show that you are willing to connect with them. Other ways to connect include adding personal pictures showing you, your staff, your business environment, and so on.

4. You Are Different and Can Innovate For Their Needs

Of all the companies out there offering the same products and services, what makes you stand out? This is what you need to show in your about page. This doesn’t mean listing out all your products and service. There are other pages on your website for that. Simply pass the message that you are a high-quality business that has a lot to offer. Include some of what they can expect to experience when they choose your products and services.
Don’t turn your “about us” page into a marketing pitch! Aim to show the human side of your company and convey relatability.

5. You Are Open to More Communication

Many consumers begin their research of a company from its website and end up on its various social media accounts. Your “about us” page should really provide links to these. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great social media platforms to showcase your company products and culture. By including such links, you ease the process of trust building for potential clients because they can see some real aspects of your company and make judgments about your business.
Even though not everyone visiting your website will click on the link to your “about us” page, you need to make sure that you treat anyone who does so to full information about your company, which will encourage them to do business with you. Make sure your “about” page says the right things about your business. Create engaging and convincing reasons why your business is the one they should choose and make sure your business delivers on its promises.

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