A Marketing Plan Template To Get Consistent Clients

Hey everyone. Today I’m super excited to give you a marketing plan template that’s going to help you get consistent clients.

I know when you’re just getting started growing your business, you might have a client here or there, but how are you going to grow your business?

How are you going to quit your day job and do your dream full-time if you don’t have consistent revenue coming in?

When you’re starting your business, it’s important that we focus on getting recurring and consistent revenue and we do that with a marketing plan template.

So let’s dive in and I’ll share with you the marketing plan template that I have used that has helped me grow my business so I could quit my day job and do what I love every single day.

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A Marketing Plan Template To Get Consistent Clients

Step #1: Fulfillment

The first step in creating a marketing plan is probably not one that you will think of because it’s probably a little different than you’ve seen other people talk about when it comes to marketing. But, I always start with the end.

I always start with fulfillment because it’s really important for me to get really clear on what my products or services are. Then, all of my marketing, all of my social media, and all of my promotions are directly focused on that product or service that I’m providing.

It’s really important to…

  • Figure out the benefit for your customer and client.
  • Identify what the problem is that you’re solving when you’re delivering your product and service.
  • Learn how your ideal client’s life has changed after you worked with them.
  • Figure out where you are taking them on their journey and what the end result is.

Starting a Marketing Plan

Have you helped other people in the past?

Do you have testimonials?

Do you have social proof?

How has their life changed?

If you don’t have these items or you don’t know these yet, start to dream. We can start to do some market research and start to do some surveys. It’s time to start to figure out the problems that your market is facing and where they want to be in the future.

You want to create a product or service that can help them get them from point A to point B. It’s really important to have happy customers and that you do a great job with fulfillment. You want your clients to be satisfied so that they get the end result they want. Then, it’s easy to market and share their stories.

My Marketing Plan Strategy

Once a month, I try to share our CLASS member success stories from our membership because every single day our members are getting wins inside of our membership.

Our members are posting in the Facebook group every day and it’s amazing to see the wins and the success stories that we’re having. It’s so much easier to sell through their stories and achievements because I am so excited for them.

I interview our members and have them share how their lives have changed. When you hear these stories, you start to have more confidence that your product really works.

I know without a doubt that my product works because of the hundreds of success stories, case studies, and testimonials we have from our CLASS Members. I have the social proof that I have from doing this for years and years and years. So I am confident when selling and I love to sell because my product changes people’s lives. There’s a big problem that my product solves.

All my marketing is so much easier because I have a product or a service that solves a problem and I know how to get results.

Step one is all about fulfillment. Get really clear on the problem that your product or service solves and how it helps people go from point A to point B.

Here’s an overview of the entire marketing plan template that we teach inside of our membership.

Step #2: Value

The next step is to provide as much value as possible. You want to provide free content, free list builders, free PDFs, free guides, free videos, and free checklists. You want to provide value to people who are not your clients yet and help lead them through this process to want to work with you. They need to start having more trust in you and to start building a relationship with you so that when they’re ready to have their problems solved, they remember you from providing so much value to them. You’re going to answer questions that they have. You are going to focus on giving, serving, and providing value, answering questions, and helping people.

Focus On Helping 1 Person Every Day

One thing I try to do is just help one person every day. So hopefully you’re that person. Then, I know I’ve helped one person every day. And that has always been my mission from way back in the early days of blogging.

When I did not have a very big audience at all, maybe a couple of people would watch my videos or my podcasts. I just did it because I wanted to help one person every single day. And that’s what value is all about. Just trying to help and serve one person every day.

As your audience grows, you’ll be able to help more people. But, when you’re focused on providing value, that’s the easiest way for your audience to continue to grow.

Step #3: Leads.

Now you may be providing a lot of value, but what we really need are leads. We need people to actually discover you and discover all this amazing content and value that you are providing.

A big mistake is only providing value. You’re on Instagram every day. You keep posting and you’re frustrated because you’re not getting leads. Your email list is not growing. Your followers are not growing. You might wonder why you’re posting all this great stuff but no one is following.

You can provide the value and you can provide the content, but you need to go out and find those people that are your ideal clients. They’re not just going to come to you. They’re not just going to magically land on your Instagram page, on your website, or your blog.

We have to get in front of them first and in order to do that, we have to know where they are hanging out. When we know where they are online then that becomes our one social media platform that we focus on in our marketing plan. And we go all in!

We pick one social media platform where we know our ideal client is hanging out and we network on it. It’s just like going to a networking event. Spend 30 minutes a day networking with our ideal clients.

Just remember those people are out there. They need you. They have a problem and they need your help to solve it. You just have to go out and find them. That’s how you’re going to start to build those followers, build those leads and build that audience by figuring out where your ideal clients are hanging out and getting  in front of them every day.

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Step #4: Prospects.

The fourth part of your marketing plan is generating prospects. Your leads are your followers. Your leads are those people you are building a relationship with. They follow you on social media. They’re reading your blog posts, but we want to take them to the next step. The next step is getting their email address in exchange for something really valuable. This is how we get prospects.

On our website, one of our lead magnets is our 90-day free planner. So you can download this amazing 90-day free planner in exchange for your email address. We want to provide something of value.

CCG Free Printable 90-Day Planner

We had a designer design it and we put so much time, money, and effort into designing this planner but we’re giving it away for free in exchange for their email address. That’s what we’re doing to generate prospects. So our leads follow us and they build that trust and relationship with us. We’re not selling the first time they land on our social media profiles or website. Instead, we’re building that relationship.

Step #5: Generate Customers

The fifth part is probably the part that you want to know the most, which is generating customers. So what type of marketing plan doesn’t end with customers, we have to get customers in our marketing plan, right?

So in step 4, we have prospects on our email list and we’ve given them our free planner in exchange for their email address. Our prospects are starting to watch our videos or podcasts. They’re building a relationship with me and building up their trust with me. So now, what type of valuable content can we provide them in our email that’s going to help them become a customer?

There’s a couple of different ways that you can do this. If you’re providing a service, you can give them a link to your calendar, like using a Calendly system, and they can book a time on your calendar and book a strategy call with you.

You can listen to their feedback, their challenges, their goals, where they want to be, and you can provide a personalized offer to them on the phone and make a sale and generate a customer that way. So that’s how your email list can lead to a sales conversation.

I’m always thinking of ways that I can encourage them to take that next step. If they have opted in to that free 90-day planner or if they’re listening to all my content, then they need my help. They have a problem that I know how to solve.

You have a problem that I know how to solve. I’m really just serving them because I know my product works. So those three to four emails that I’m sending per week, it’s encouraging them to purchase, to become a member, and to become a customer because I know my product works and I know I can help you. And that’s where you want to be with your marketing plan as well.


I really hope that this has been helpful. I am super excited for you to complete this marketing plan template, to have a marketing plan for yourself. It’s going to decrease your overwhelm and stress.  It’s going to build your audience and build your email list. You’re going to know what you need to do.

This weekend, we want you to have a plan. Everything we do here at Classy Career Girl is all about planning, especially when it comes to business and marketing.

CCG Pin - A Marketing Plan Template To Get Consistent Clients

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