Why The 30-60-90 Day Plan Is The Secret To a Successful Career Change
I want to show you how to get past feeling scattered and unfocused with a 90 day plan. I want to show you how you can find direction in the next 90 days so you can follow through with your goals.

Why The 30-60-90 Day Plan Is The Secret To a Successful Career Change

Here’s why you are currently struggling:

If you are currently struggling to make a career change, most likely it’s because you are trying to do EVERYTHING. You keep getting confused because you don’t really know what your dream career even is.
And you are scared to pick a career field and then end up hating it. Then, you’d get stuck again. Is it even worth it to make a career change?
If you are trying to start a business, you might be trying to model what other people are doing on social media. But you aren’t having the same success. You get frustrated and end up doing nothing.
It’s not working because….you are not focused. Of course you are confused in your job search because you don’t really know what you are searching for!
Of course your side hustle isn’t growing because you don’t have a plan and you are majorly burnt out trying to do it like everyone else.

Here’s the secret and what you should do instead:

It’s impossible to do it all. So instead you have to do less. 80% of what you are doing right now is a waste of time. You need to actually spend LESS time doing and more time PLANNING.
You have to take the first step and I imagine that you probably already have made a few steps so far if you are reading this. But, they are not working. So you need to try something else because something’s gotta change!

So let’s get started creating your 90 day plan!

First, make sure you have our free 90-day planning template.
Then, let’s dive into creating your 90 day plan. It’s all about taking bite size steps to get to where you want to go in the next 90 days successfully.
Once you know the best way to plan out your goals by quarters, then you will accomplish your goals and stay committed to your plan.
When you start achieving these small quarterly goals you’ll start to get more excited and more motivated. You‘ll start getting closer to the work you love, providing for your family and even spending more time with your family and kids too.
You are going to have more energy and focus.
In order to stay prioritized and focused, you just need to follow these simple steps to create your 90 day plan so you can take your career and your life to the next level.
Inside the planner you’ll find five different sections that build upon each other.

Don’t make this 90-day plan mistake:

A big mistake is just starting with the 90 day plan sheet. I do not recommend that unless you’ve created your looking back page, your vision journal and your annual plan.
Once you’ve completed these three steps, then you are ready to break down your annual goal into quarters and decide what your 90-day goal is. I do this every quarter and I do this with our CLASS members every quarter during our PLAN LIVE quarterly implementation day.
Once you create this 90-day planning habit and you keep doing it consistently, you’ll notice that your life will change. Yes, not just your career will change (that’s a given) but your entire life will change because we will teach you how to combine personal life planning with your career planning. There is NOTHING like this out there and that’s why I created this planning system.
So stop spinning your wheels and start creating your plan!

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