7 Areas To Focus On To Grow Your Business

There are a million things you could do this year to grow your business. But what steps will actually make a difference? Today, I’ll break it down for you and share with you the seven focus areas that I recommend to make a noticeable difference in your business.

These are the seven focus areas of Corporate Rescue Plan PLUS (CRP+), my group coaching program with accountability and personalized business coaching from me.

Doors will open tomorrow at 8am EST about how to join CRP+.

Doors will be open until Wednesday, Jan 2nd at 8:59 PM Pacific / 11:59 PM Eastern. Add your name to the advance notification waitlist here.

1. Build Your Email List

Social media changes. The only thing you really have control is your website and your email list. You have to make building your list a priority.


Visualize yourself taking a break for three months. You want to take a break, go on a trip, take care of a loved one or have a baby (in my case). You want to collect enough leads in those three months to come back and launch your new product/business/service. You don’t have to work so hard.

Set this up, and you can take those three months of growing your email list. Read #4 on this list of maternity leave tips.


2. Build Your Team

You can’t do everything, especially if you are still working a day job or have other priorities (family, etc.). You have to make delegating and doing work you love (and delegating the rest) a priority.

One of my first hires six months into having a blog was my virtual assistant, Lor. She helped me replace myself by giving her the work I couldn’t get done. When you are working a full-time job, you have to start delegating and outsourcing tasks you don’t have time to do. I would never be here today if I hadn’t started outsourcing early on to Lor.

3. Build Your Content

Your content will attract your ideal clients. It’s about quality over quantity and knowing what your messaging is first. There is so much noise right now. You need to stand out. You have to put more time and thought into making it great.

Why is this important? You want to elevate your brand above the rest. This will allow you to charge the prices you are worth.

In the beginning, it’s about getting that first post up. Just start somewhere. But, if you have a post up already, I want you to be more thoughtful about your next post. Maybe take a couple more minutes to make it great rather than ok.

BOOKS: I recommend all these if you are building a website EVEN IF you are working with a website designer. Don’t expect a designer to get your brand. Be prepared by doing the hard work first.

How to Style Your Brand

Brand Brilliance


4. Build Your Systems

Make your life easier. Make your client’s life easier. Systems will pave the way for freedom, revenue, and happiness. We once tried to work with a Financial Planner. We wanted to hire her, but for months we went back and forth on details and little things like what our address was and what our financial goals were. We even had in-person meetings and many phone calls. After months, we were ready to move forward with a plan. We were sent documents to sign and the paperwork at our wrong address. We were very upset and told her that we would not move forward because her systems and processes were taking way too much time.

This is not what you want to do to your customers. You want to eliminate stress and overwhelm and guide them through the process of working with you with no headaches.

5. Build Your Recurring Revenue

Everything changes when you have consistent income every month that you can count on. This decreases stress and brings more clarity and fun. The reason that I was able to quit my job and have a steady income coming in each month is because I started to build my recurring revenue.

I could go to my husband and show him the numbers and say I’d be able to replace the income from my day job because my recurring revenue was growing each and every month. When you rely on big launches, one month your revenue may be huge, but the next month you might not make enough to pay your bills. This is why I always recommend building recurring revenue into your business model.

6. Build Your Fulfillment

We need to continually re-evaluate if we are happy in our businesses. Your business model might change. You might outgrow something. This is totally normal! Initially, I did a lot of individual coaching until I realized it didn’t excite me.

What I loved was building communities and leading a group of women to change their careers. So, instead of doing individual coaching packages, I moved to group coaching, online courses, and membership sites. Everything I do in my business I have to make sure I love doing. If I don’t, I change things up!

7. Build Your Freedom

Your business can allow you more time for your passions and more time for the people you love. You can control your calendar and what goes on it. What are some of your hobbies? What did you use to enjoy when you were younger? Think about what you haven’t had time to do in your busy schedule. Your business should give you the freedom to do what you love.

Now, in the beginning, you’ll be working your butt off and may not have time on your hands. But, just take one hour per week and do something you love. You are worth it and it will motivate you to work harder to create the funds and more time and freedom to do more things you love in the future.

In Corporate Rescue Plan PLUS, we focus on one of these 7 focus areas each month. That means by the end of this year, you could have a profitable freedom-based business machine and be able to do what you love every single day.

Would you like to watch your business grow in 2019 or continue to be stressed and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to earn more money.

CRP+ is a small community for a reason. Each month I provide Q&A group coaching calls and hot seats and strategy sessions. My coaching program is designed so I can go deep with a small group of people.

I hope you’ll be able to join us tomorrow if this speaks to you.

Doors will open tomorrow at 8am EST about how to join Corporate Rescue Plan PLUS.

Doors will be open until Wednesday, Jan 2nd at 8:59 PM Pacific / 11:59 PM Eastern.

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