6 Ways To Show Appreciation to Your Employees

Today’s post is written by Kat Krull who is the Marketing Manager of Resunate, the world’s only automatic resume tailoring tool. 

While you should aim to show employees appreciation year-round, you can make today truly special by showing workers your appreciation in unique and interesting ways.

Here are some ideas to show appreciation to your employees.

1. Give them something unique they’ll appreciate.

Every employee has different hobbies, interests, and needs — while one person might enjoy movie tickets or a bottle of wine, another might value a day off more than a small gift. Really listen to your employees and get to know them to determine what you can do for them to show your appreciation for their hard work.

2. Write a handwritten note.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote a quick note of appreciation for something someone did at the office? A good practice is to keep a stack of blank note cards in your office for times when you feel inspired. Then, send the card in the mail to the employee’s house for an extra special touch.

3. Use social media to recognize awesome workers.

Let your employee (and all of your audiences) know you care by writing about them on the company blog or giving them a shout out on Twitter or Facebook. You can also write him or her a recommendation on LinkedIn to give them the recognition that will follow them throughout their career.

4. Provide opportunities for continued learning.

Offer to pay their way for a conference or workshop in order to add to their knowledge and skill set. Bring them onto a special project when they’ve impressed you. Give them a membership to a professional association they’ve been interested in joining.

5. Bring in something special for the day.

Whether it’s a gourmet lunch or a video gaming system, breaking up the monotonous workday can be a great way to show employees you see how hard they work and give them a break. What’s appropriate? This largely depends on your company culture, budget, employee preferences and other factors. If you’re unsure what might make your workers happy, get them involved and take a poll.

6. Offer flex work options

Many workers actually feel that they’re more productive working from home than in the office. Plus, more than 80 percent claim it gives them a better work-life balance — which is something every employer should strive to provide employees. You could also consider allowing workers flexible schedules, such as coming in one hour later or leaving work an hour earlier.
Showing appreciation is a key factor in retaining top talent and keeping morale up in the office.

What other ways can employers show appreciation to their workers? 

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