4 Strategies To Help You Stick To Your Goals


Are you ready for an incredible year? The best way to stick with your goals is always to make a plan and write your goals down! One of the top questions I get though is how do I actually stick to my goals. Even after creating an annual plan during our Planning Workshop, how do I actually make those big dreams happen.

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4 Strategies To Help You Stick To Your Goals

If every year you write down goals but have trouble sticking to those goals, you are going to love today’s podcast episode and blog post.

1. Believe You Can

Mindset can hold you back from reaching your goals and dreams. If you don’t actually believe your dreams are possible, you are going to have a hard time reaching your goals. Every morning in your morning routine, make sure you are repeating positive affirmations and journaling through your fears and objections.

Get into a positive community of people who you can ask for help and who are constantly encouraging you to try new things. The truth is going for your dreams can be scary at times and you aren’t going to know exactly how to reach your goals. But if you stay positive and surround yourself with support, you CAN figure it out.

2. Block Out Time In Your Calendar

Even if you have written down what your goals are, don’t miss this step of actually connecting your goal actions to your calendar. Make a list of actions you need to take to reach those goals. Then, go into your calendar right now and block out time for each of those actions. Now, you are well on your way to reaching your goals!

3. Hold Yourself Accountable

Create a weekly review routine where you check to see how you are doing on your goal metrics. Is your goal to get a certain number of blog traffic? Make a weekly check-in routine so you can see how you are doing towards your goal and what is and what is not working. Do more of what works next week!

Download my free daily to-do list to help you stay organized and stick to your goals on a daily basis.

4. Make it specific and easy

Many times I see people write down goals that aren’t specific enough or are too hard. You want to create goals that are exciting and feel easy. This will help you stay motivated to reach them.

I hope these 4 tips help you reach your goals!! You got this!



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