4 Sales Mistakes Holding You Back

When the barrier between your dream career or business and where you are right now is….selling.

I wouldn’t have my dream career right now if I didn’t get over my selling fears.

I know you don’t want to be salesy. Me either.

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You need to actually have an income coming in from your side hustle in order to quit your day job. I have a whole entire program called Corporate Rescue Plan inside of my membership site that goes over this in detail. But today I want to cover the part of this program that holds everyone back from making a profitable freedom based business happen, SALES.

Now I am not a sales expert. But, I studied sales because I knew it was something I hated and wasn’t good at but I needed to learn because it was a barrier holding me back from my dream career.

The Top 4 Sales Mistakes

Remember, selling isn’t about getting someone to buy something against his or her will. You are helping people move past their fears and make a decision so that they can get the support they need to reach their goals. You are helping your prospects take action to reach their goals. Remember that you are just listening to them and cheering them on! It gets easier the more you do it. Just keep practicing!

First commit to learning something you don’t know. Just put some time into it.

Ways to sell:

  1. In person/Zoom/individual/phone: Better results. Higher price point. More time involved. Build a relationship. Sales Conversation.
  2. Webinar/FB Live – Selling to a lot of people at one time. Building a relationship with a large group.
  3. Linking to a sales pages. Less results. Lower price point. Need more views.

I always recommend starting in person.

Sales Conversations! I used to do like 10 of these per week. This is how I learned how to sell. Doing it over and over.

The more the better. 25% conversion on phone sales conversation. So I needed to talk to 4 people for 1 person to say yes. So my goal was booking 8 people per week.

You can’t throw your dream out with 1 no.

CCG_4 Sales Mistakes Holding You Back From Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur


Mistake #1: Pressuring.

Shift from selling to serving. Avoid pressuring.

They started to be able to tell that I needed to make a sale and I needed them to buy. Instead of me listening to them, I was telling them about my products or services and I was telling them how it could help them without me really understanding what they needed. Also during webinars I would get very flustered at the end and I would just start rattling. I wouldn’t even make it till the end where I just started telling people about my products and services and without really telling them how I could help them.

Mistake #2: Not making an offer.

Remember, it’s a disservice NOT to make an offer. You can help them change their life!

The second mistake people make is just not even making an offer. So this is you, if you’re just scared to even make a sale or you don’t even know what your offer should be, and at the end of a conversation, maybe someone just comes to you and you listen to them for so long, but at the end you just get flustered.

Mistake #3: Being attached with the end result.

Your main goal is to help them make a decision, yes or no.

The third mistake is being attached to the end result. And this is very frustrating because I only had that one call booked on my calendar and I needed them to buy my product or service so my business would have some income coming in. I was so attached to the results, they could feel that right on the conversation. So when I started getting outside of the result, like I started booking a lot more calls on my calendar, then I wasn’t so worried about the end result and I was there to help people.

Mistake #4: Not Seeding.

We’ve all heard the hard sales pitch with no selling. It makes you want to run away.

And the fourth mistake is not seeding and just coming out with your offer. So seeding is when you give little bits and pieces of what you have to offer, whether it’s through your presentation of your speaking or it could possibly be in your sales call before they have a sales conversation with you. You’re giving them these little seeds, these little breadcrumbs of what you have to offer to make them really interested and curious in what you offer, what you provide to people, the benefits that you provide to people.

They know something exciting is coming.


You have to truly believe that what you are offering is a service and will help them. Teach and provide great value. Then, just share how they can get more. It’s not a “plug” you are helping them.


Assess if you have made any selling mistakes in the past.

Other barriers holding you back from your dream business:

You’re probably thinking you need a lot of money to start a business, WRONG!

There are so many free options available these days. It’s so easy to get started! If you are starting a business, there are free ways to grow your audience, free ways to start a website, free ways to start an email list, free ways to find your ideal clients online. Money should NOT stop you from starting to sell a beta version of your product and get cash flowing in. Your product doesn’t need to be perfect to start, just start somewhere! And if you want to change jobs, you definitely don’t need a ton of money to make your dream happen. There are people out there right now who need you to help them in their company. They are waiting for you! It doesn’t take money to find them!

You’re probably thinking that you have to have more money and need to be financial set up with a 6 months savings and all your legal documentation done to make a business.

I got started by making a sale. I didn’t have a ton of savings or legal paperwork done, I just went out there and made the first sale so I could pay for the legal documentation and pay for the website and pay for paying off my debt. It all starts with the first sale and that’s what I love to teach!

You’re probably thinking that you are too nervous to do something uncomfortable and scary

When it’s on the path of your dream, it’s actually fun and exciting and that will push you through!!

You’re probably thinking no one will think of you as an expert or respect what you do.

When you are passionate about what you are talking about, it commands attention and people will listen.

You’re probably thinking that there is too much competition.

No one is like YOU!! You have strengths different from everyone else out there!


If you want to learn more about selling and get my Corporate Rescue Plan to build a profitable business, register for my upcoming masterclass: www.classycareergirl.com/masterclass


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