3 Ways To Use Your Blog to Climb the Career Ladder

Today’s post is written by Emmelie De La Cruz, personal branding professional and founder of The Branding Muse. Emmelie is a labor communicator in the education sector in Washington, DC. 

I get numerous requests each week from young women and college students asking about the benefits of developing a personal website. The short answer is: if you want to stand out from your peers, fellow employees and other job applicants, get yourself a blog or personal website. Being motivated to create and maintain a personal website in addition to your job and managing your career, speaks to your time management skills and work ethic.
Below are just a few concrete career-boosting reasons to have use your blog or personal website to grow your career.

1) Celebrate & Document Your Accomplishments

We all know that nice girls don’t get the corner office and that you won’t be recognized for the accomplishments you do not claim. In order to get that job, promotion or negotiate a raise, you must be able to prove your impact on the bottom line and communicate your value to the company. How have you gone above and beyond the job description? What have you accomplished individually and as part of a team? What integral role did you play in the planning, development or implementation of a new strategy, initiative or process?
You should be very clear on the answers to these questions and communicate them via your blog. Sharing what you have learned and how you have achieved certain milestones not only helps others but also serves as a way of owning and promoting your accomplishments. When it is time for your performance review or job interview, you can look back at your blog and point to key experiences that highlight your unique skills.

2) Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

By creating a robust online presence, you take control of how you are introduced on the Internet. A blog with your name in the domain allows for you to be found quickly and presents you in a professional manner. A blog and website are excellent supplements to your resume and LinkedIn profile, because they allow for you to demonstrate your expertise on topics of your choice. By illustrating your passions and your knowledge, you become the go-to person on specific topics in your community and company. This credibility attracts new opportunities and builds your professional reputation.

3) Improve Your Communications Skills

Being a good communicator is a transferable skill that is necessary for almost every career. The more that you practice writing and sharing your thoughts creatively and concisely, the better communicator you become. How you populate your site is your choice, but it should always be a tool to showcase your skills and interests.

Start  Your Blog Checklist

If you have been convinced that starting a blog or website is critical for your career, here are some tips to get started.
1. Own your domain by purchasing [Your First Name and Last Name].com.
2. Choose articles and topics you will write about.
3. Commit to a consistent schedule. Decide if you are going to write once a week, bi-monthly etc.
4. Share and promote through other channels including social media, your email signature and resume.

Do you have a blog that is helping (or you hope will help you one day) climb the career ladder? If so, please share it in the comments so we can all go visit you!


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