3 Ways to Stay Ridiculously Focused

One thing that I’m struggling with lately is staying focused on my goals. Partially because my two cuties are really cute distractions and I love them very much. But like you, I have a lot of dreams. So today I’m going to teach you three things that are going to help you stay ridiculously focused on your goals.


If you’ve got a lot of distractions and a lot of things going on, but you still want to make your goals and dreams happen, then this topic is for you.

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3 Ways to Stay Ridiculously Focused

Ready to dive in? This is what I want you to do to stay focused and reach those goals.

Step 1: Create a list of daily habits

So these might not have anything necessarily to do with your goals, but there are things that are going to help you stay focused. So for me, I put together my list because right now it’s very hard for me to do just little things like reading or writing or exercising or even taking my vitamins. So these are the things that I’ve written down on my daily habit sheet that I can check off.

I have about 10 things that I try to do every day and I don’t always get them all done. But, when I get them done I am in a better spot to reach my goals.

Step 2: Identify your top three priorities every single week

Every single Sunday I create my weekly plan and in that weekly plan, I write down what my top three priorities are for that week. We all have a million things that we could do that we should do….my to-do list is out of control right now. So that’s why it’s really, really important for me to only focus on three things every week and other things that they might not get done. Other things might not get done, and that is okay.  

Step 3: Unsubscribe, unfollow, and delete.

So this is really important because right now there’s so much noise online. There are so many, there are so many people you probably think are your competitors. There are so many people posting daily. There are so many people in your inbox emailing you, right? You’ve signed up for this and you signed up for that, and there’s so much out there. So what I want to make sure that you do is you put those blinders on and you just focus on what you’re here to do and your goals.

There are a few different women I follow who inspire me, I feel good when I see their emails. They are people who uplift me and inspire me. You want to unfollow the people who make you feel jealous or make you feel like you need to be like them.

I hope this helps you! If you want a planner that walks you through how to create and stay focused on your goals, download our free 90-day planner or buy our physical planner here. 

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