3 Tips for Creating (Good!) Content Fast

I get a lot of questions about how to create content fast. I know it is easy to get overwhelmed with the content creation process. So today, I am sharing my tips for creating good content fast.

I have been writing and creating content at the Classy Career Girl for eight years consistently. Over the years, I have had to learn how to do it fast because I have a lot of other responsibilities and things going on in my life.

But, creating fast content doesn’t mean just publishing to publish. You also need to create content people will read; it is definitely a balance.

How to Create Content Fast

My content isn’t solely my revenue generator, I have a lot of other things like courses and membership sites and webinars that I need to focus on to actually bring in an income here at Classy Career Girl. But I know the way to grow your business online is by becoming an expert in a topic and delivering consistent content that provides value and helps people.

So doing my blog and podcast in a way kind of my side hustle. I treat it as such and that’s why I have a limited time to create content. Here is how I do it!

1) Document; Don’t Create 

One of the best tips I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk and it makes everything so much easier! He suggests document; don’t create. This means creating content around what you are learning. You don’t have to be an expert.

Here are a few examples where I have documented my journey over the last 8 years.

2) Batch Your Content & Limit Your Time 

Content creation isn’t a revenue producing in the short term. We need to do it to start building trust and relationships, but writing a blog post isn’t going to generate direct revenue. We need to have set times to batch content creation so it doesn’t impact our revenue generating tasks.

Don’t do all of these! Just pick one. The key is batching here and giving yourself a limited time.

  • Schedule one hour to schedule your FB group posts or Instagram posts for the week. (I do this Sunday night).
  • Schedule one day of interviews using Calendly. You can record up to 6 interviews per day and you have 6 weeks of content done!
  • Spend two hours writing your blogs and scheduling them for the week over the weekend. 
  • Create 10 minute how-to or behind the scenes videos. Prepare scripts ahead of time. Get yourself ready, set up the video camera and knock out 6 short videos in half a day! That’s 6 weeks of videos done!
  • Record 2-minute audios to go out weekly to your audience. Block out the time and go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Record up to 25 audios in a day! That’s 6 weeks of content right there!
  • Outline the content for 6 workbooks or checklists in one day. Send all of them to a virtual assistant or graphic designer to make them look pretty. Now, you have 6 potential lead magnets done!

If you absolutely cannot batch content ahead and hate planning, just host live Q&As. Set them up on your calendar so your audience looks forward to them. Create topics for the Q&As and you can host them weekly or monthly. Schedule them out the next 6 weeks and you are all ready to go!

3) Make Use of Content You Already Have 

Here is the thing; you don’t have to be everywhere and do it all. (Ex: IGTV this week, decreasing podcast episodes to one per week while I am on maternity leave. Instead, make use of the content you already have. Here is how to do just that. 

  • Recycle content that does well. For example, I recycled our top 15 podcast episodes while I was in New Zealand. You can also find your top performing Instagram posts and post them again.
  • Rework content that does well: Have a popular podcast? Write a blog post about the same topic. You can also take content from interviews as I did here in 100 Best Pieces of Career Advice.  
  • Share other people’s content: This works particularly well on social, like Facebook/Pinterest. Share other people’s viral content and ask your audience what they think. 
  • Get into a schedule: This will help you be so much more effective!

Set Your Content Mindset

It’s less about creating the content and more about getting people to view the content. Even if you create it, they aren’t just going to come. Spend as much time interacting, networking, and engaging with your audience as you do creating content.

It’s just as important to engage with your people as it is to create content. 

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