3 Simple Strategies For Sticking To Your Goals
I am officially back from maternity leave! I did want to let you know we are changing the focus of the podcast. One thing you will notice is we will have fewer guests and the topics we cover will be focused on goals, motivation, career tips, and productivity. This podcast has been around since 2012 and we’ve had a lot of changes. The podcast changes with my life circumstances. Now, if a great guest reaches out and I’m super excited about interviewing them, you will definitely see those interviews here and I will make the time.
But for now, I’m really getting so many questions on Instagram stories and I really want to make these podcast episodes a spot to answer your questions and really dive deep into helping your launch your dream careers, dream businesses, and dream lives in 2019.

3 Simple Strategies For Sticking To Your Goals

We’ve done a lot of thinking about our mission and brand here at Classy Career Girl and what it really comes down to is that life is too short to stay stuck. Since we are about to start a new year here, our focus is truly on helping you get unstuck–which means keeping you motivated, keeping you productive, and keeping you on track with your goals.
The content on the podcast be super focused on helping you right where you are at right now. This podcast is for anyone who has a dream and wants to make it happen. The content will not be exclusively focused on only job searchers or only entrepreneurs. That is because in my research, I have found both types of types of dreamers have a lot in common. So, we are going to dive into topics like fear, self-doubt, issues staying motivated, confidence, time management, and work-life balance.
I think you’ll find the podcast is really relatable and I’ll be sharing some of my experiences going through similar things that you are struggling with right now because I’ve been in your shoes. I know what its like to be stuck in a job you hate. And I know what it is like to have a dream that seems so scary and overwhelming and you don’t know how to make it happens.
Nobody should have to experience self-doubt. You have what it takes. Life is too short to hate your job. Every woman deserves to identify and work in her dream career. It’s not just a new job. It’s about creating your new life.
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“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” -Bill Gates

1. Know Your Why/Purpose/Vision

In order to stick to your goals, you have to know your ‘why’. If your goals don’t match up with your bigger purpose, you’ll lose motivation and inspiration. If you don’t know where you are headed long term you won’t know what to focus on today. 
For me, all those years working on my side hustle, I wanted freedom, flexibility, family, and I wanted to help other women and future generations love their work. 

2. Make Daily Momentum

You need to make daily momentum a priority, work on it first thing in the morning. Even if it is just 10-15 minutes. Look at your goals every day. Write them on a notecard and look at them every day. If you can’t do it daily, at least weekly. Some days you might not be able to take daily action but just reading your goals and thinking about them and believing that they can true is an affirmation that is moving you closer to them.

3. Starting Once You Set a Goal

Create 30/60/90 day plans and give yourself due dates for your goals. What needs to be focused on each month? I have done 90 day plans four times a year for the last two years. So much has happened in our business in the last two years it’s incredible. I even did a plan that helped me during maternity leave to stay focused so I didn’t worry about work. It was like, call disability, get a pump, and tell insurance I had a baby, etc. So it can be used for personal items, too.
One of my favorite books is The One Thing and it talks about how your one thing is just broken down. What do you need to accomplish in one year? Well, what do I have to do in 90 days to make the annual goal happen? In order to make my 90-day goal happen, what do I need to do over the next month? Then, to meet my goals this month, what do I need to do each week? And to meet my goals this week, what do I need to do each day?
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Some Questions I Asked:

How do you start once you’ve set a goal?
How do you stay motivated on a daily basis towards your goal?
How do you manage emotional stress when you constantly get derailed?
How do you prioritize which goals to work on first?
There is always a huge roadblock before success. How do you break through it?
How do you keep going when you feel uninspired?
How do you stick to goals?
How do you remain focused without getting lazy?

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