3 Phases of Your Career and How to Succeed in Each Phase

Have you ever wondered what steps you need to take in your career to get to where you want to go years from now? Have you ever wished you could work with a career coach to just get a career check-up and figure out what you need to do right now? Well, today we are going to give you a career check-up and we are going to cover one of the trainings in our Love Your Career Formula membership community.

We’ll dive into The 3 Phases of Your Career and How to Succeed In Each.

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3 Phases of Your Career and How to Succeed in Each Phase

So the reason why this topic is so important is you can’t start takings steps forward until you know where you are at right now. If you are unsure about what you want do, or you aren’t sure how to keep growing, this training is for you.

The Love Your Career Formula Success Path:

  • The 3 Phases
  • What life is like in each phase.
  • Steps you need to take in each phase.
  • Milestones showing you that you are ready to move to the next phase.


Start Here: You are stuck and you don’t know what your ideal career is.

You are an Explorer if you don’t know what career you want. You lack direction and focus and you are tired of being stuck in a job that doesn’t fit you. You are ready to find your ideal career fit.

What is life like at this stage?

You may be confused and frustrated at this step. You feel like you are wasting time and are jealous that other people seem to know what they want to be when they grow up. You may regret decisions in the past and be very stressed out at work. You will feel frazzled by your calendar and to-do list and feel like you aren’t in control of your life.

You will feel stuck and lost. You’ll feel like you need help finding your dream career and getting focused. You’ll be scared to fail. You’ll feel like you have to stay stuck in work you dislike for the rest of your life. You can’t stand walking into work at your current job. You are not excited about job searching at all. You might be scared you’ll never get hired and never succeed.

Steps in the Explorer Phase:

  1. Get your productivity plan put in place.
  2. Get your mindset ready for success.
  3. Conquer your fears.
  4. Determine your direction.
  5. Put a 90-Day Plan in place.
  6. Identify your calling and purpose.
  7. Informational interviews completed.
  8. Career research completed.
  9. Ideal career outline completed.

In order to go from Phase 1 to Phase 2:

  • You know what your ideal career is and you are ready to find it.
  • You have completed your career research.
  • You have completed informational interviews.
  • You have a 90-Day Plan in place.
  • Your mindset is ready for success.
  • Your calendar has time blocked out for job searching.

2) Job Searcher

You are a Job Searcher if you know what your ideal career is and you are now ready to find it. You are ready to work on your resume and cover letter. You are also ready to apply for jobs, expand your network and practice those interview skills.

What is life like at this stage?

You will feel like you are on a hamster wheel. You’ll be frustrated not knowing how to network and you’ll feel like there aren’t any jobs available for you. You’ll think your resume is ugly and want to throw your computer out the window while you are online job searching (WHY WON’T IT SAVE!)

You’ll be lost as to how to stand out and differentiate yourself and feel like you are banging your head against the window. You’ll have interview anxiety and feel like you aren’t qualified enough for the job you want. You’ll be scared to fail.  You’ll feel like your career options have evaporated. You’ll start to get excited about possibilities and future opportunities, although still be a little scared that you won’t be able to handle it.

Steps in the Job Searcher Phase:

  1. Strategic Networking action plan in place.
  2. Networking barriers conquered.
  3. Resume branding strategy in place.
  4. Resume and cover letter matches who you are 100%.
  5. Get prepared to nail your interviews.
  6. Get prepared to negotiate a salary you deserve.
  7. Ensure your online reputation matches your personal brand.

In order to go from Phase 2 to Phase 3:

  • You have gotten hired at a job you love (and you accepted the offer)!
  • You have celebrated your hard work and accomplishments.
  • You have prepared for your first day at work.
  • You are ready to be wildly successful in the first 90 days of your new dream job!

3) Leader

You are a leader if you have a job you love and now want to get ahead and raise the bar. You’re ready to level up your career, get promoted, and achieve the success you know is possible for you. You know you want to make a big impact in the world and you can’t do it where you are at right now.

What is life like at this stage?

You sometimes have issues speaking up at work and you don’t know how to build a support network or get a mentor. You want to be paid what you deserve and are worried about equal pay issues. You lack female role models and are unsure how to balance having children and your career.

You lack confidence in negotiating with men and struggle every day to balance who you want to be professionally with the demands of being a parent. You are scared you’ll never get promoted and be able to manage a team well. You are stuck in a level at work and you know you can rise above it. You have more potential than where you are at right now.

Steps in the Leader Phase:

  1. Get ready to wow your employer in the first 90 days.
  2. Get confident in the work you do and when communicating with your team.
  3. Build a tribe around you that supports and mentors you.
  4. Learn your strengths and how to lead with your strengths.
  5. Delegate all tasks that are not your strengths.
  6. Gain respect and negotiation skills.
  7. Build a promotion plan and a career development action plan.
  8. Grow your tribe and gain mentorship from role models.
  9. Utilize the get ahead strategies on a daily basis.

In order to graduate from Phase 3

  • You are making an impact in the world.
  • You are mentoring others and giving back.
  • You are continually learning and gaining new skills.
  • You manage a team and are helping your team become leaders themselves.
  • You are seen as an expert in your field.
  • You are happy, successful, and balanced.

Also, note that depending on when you are listening to this, our Love Your Career formula membership community may be open. We only open it at select times per year, but if you love what I teach here in this podcast and want to get my specific action plans each week to determine what your ideal career is and then find it, Love your career formula is definitely for you.

You can learn more and add your name to the waiting list here: www.loveyourcareerformula.com.

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