$2K in 2 Weeks Business Challenge

The “Make $2K in 2 Weeks” Business Challenge


In today’s podcast episode, I’m giving you a peek inside of a recent training I did in my CLASS coaching membership. CLASS is where I coach women to help them find a job or business they love that supports the life they really want. It is THE place to be and there is nothing like it online. I’ve been building and improving it since 2012 and it’s the best place. Nowhere else can you get the 1-1 coaching, support and training and challenges you need to help you move forward and take action.

This year we are doing challenges and the results of our members has been incredible. With what I am teaching you today, just the checklist, one of our members made her first sale on day 1. So you can do this.

Today is just the first part of the challenge. It’s the pre-call checklist that I taught one week before the challenge starts. It’s to get you ready and prepared for the 2 weeks. It gives you a plan and some steps you want to take before you go off and try to make $2K in 2 weeks.

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In this episode:

  • Five simple steps to make at least $2,000 in the next two weeks doing work you love
  • A pre-call checklist with everything you need to do to make $2K in 2 weeks
  • How to create an offer, set your pricing and how to accept payment
  • How to create a marketing plan to make $2K in 2 weeks

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Business challenge - How to make $2K in 2 weeks, a fast track to your first six figures doing work you love.

Transcript – $2K in 2 Weeks Business Challenge:

Welcome to the Classy Career Girl podcast. I’m your host Anna Runyan, founder and CEO of Classy Career Girl, one of Forbes most influential career sites. This is a podcast for community of women who want to turn their passions into work they love, you’ll learn how to become happy, successful and balanced with class, skill and style. We believe that you can create your future so stop delaying your great life though put yourself out there you can have your great life and career right now.

Welcome to the Classy Career Girl podcast. Today is all about making 2k In two weeks, I’m gonna give you the checklist of what you need to do, and five simple steps to make at least $2,000 in the next two weeks doing work you love. So in this podcast episode, I’m giving you a peek inside of a recent training that I did inside of my CLASS coaching membership. So if you’re not familiar with CLASS, CLASS is where I coach women to help them find a job or business they love that supports the life they really want. It is the place to be and there is nothing like it online. I’ve been building and improving CLASS since 2012. It is the best place if you want to find a job or business you love. Nowhere else can you get the one on one coaching, support and training and our challenges that we do every month to help you move forward and take action.

So this year, we are doing challenges inside of CLASS every month. And it’s been so much fun. And it’s been so amazing to see the results that our members have been getting through these challenges. So today is one of them, I’m going to give you a sneak peek of one of the challenges we’ve done inside of our membership with what I’m teaching you today that make 2k In two weeks checklist, just this checklist alone, one of our members made her first sale on day one with the training I’m teaching you today. So you can totally take what you’re hearing today and go out and challenge yourself and do this challenge and make 2k In two weeks, you totally can do this. So in today’s episode, this is the first part of the challenge, I really want to get you ready, I really want you taking action, I really want you making progress. Just listening to this podcast alone. This is the pre call checklist that I taught one week before the challenge starts. So I recommend listening to this, get these five things done, check those boxes off, and then start your two weeks in one week after listening to this episode.

So this episode is going to get you ready. In this episode, this checklist is going to get you prepared for your two weeks when you’re going to make your two 2k or more by the way, your challenge can be 10k In two weeks, 5k into two weeks, whatever you want it to be. This gives you a plan and some steps that you want to take before you go off and try to make whatever your goal amount is in two weeks. What I love about this challenge that I and everything I’m teaching you in this training today, after I taught this, I went off and I created my own challenge, it was more than 2k. So that’s why I say you can use a different dollar amount. Mine was more than that for two weeks. But it inspired me to take action and move forward with some goals that I even was putting off. So you can totally do this too. If you want to enjoy and join the entire 2k in two weeks challenge, you can join us inside of CLASS, you can get access to the entire training library for the make 2K in two weeks challenge. I’ve been doing a lot of trainings, specifically on the 2k In two weeks challenge, I’ve been documenting what I’m doing to make my goal my income goal in two weeks. So you can go to classycareergirl.com forward slash start and join us inside of CLASS to get the whole training to do the challenge and get the support and the coaching that you need to succeed and reach your goals. So I can’t wait for you to join us. Let’s dive in to the make 2k In two weeks checklist.

Okay, so a couple hurdles you’re facing as you’re coming into this challenge. And this is what I’m hoping to do today on our pre call if you don’t know what to sell, we’re going to cover that if you don’t know what your first step should be. We’re going to cover that and if you don’t know how to sell, we’re going to cover that all today as well too. So those are the requirements. Does anyone have any questions on on just like the administrative part of this challenge?

So let’s go over the checklist. So we’re like I said, we’re gonna make this super easy. We have two weeks right? So we can’t have things difficult and complicated. We have to make it super simple, super easy. So we have five things that we need and we’re gonna go through our real life examples today and go through these five things so once February 14 comes we’re like already you know what you’re selling, you know the actions you’re going to take, you know exactly what to do. And then we’ll have our halfway check where we’ll be able to be like, Okay, what’s working? What’s not? How can we tweak it to get better results in the second week of the challenge?

So for the checklists, we need one offer. So I know a lot of you want to have like, five different offers. And while I’m gonna have this and this and this, for this challenge, we want to simplify the offer. And we want to find an offer that we are so excited about, it might be something new, it might be brushing out something that you haven’t done in a long time, if you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right offer. It should be with you guys know of love of her formula, it should be something you love doing, right? Like, if you’re not like, you gotta be excited about it, because we want to attract those clients who are also excited about it. So something you’re super excited about the one one offer that we’re going to promote over the two weeks. And we also have to make sure that that offer gives a transformation for your ideal client from where they are now to where they want to be in the future.

And then we also have to make sure what I would recommend is that your special pricing, your offer ends and ends on February 28, like the last day, right like the this is a two week special, a two week thing that you have going on, you’re going to tell the world about it, you’re super excited about it, it’s it’s really going to help people. So we’re not just making sales and making money, right? Like these are actual problems we’re solving. And we know that this offer is going to get results for our ideal clients. So one offer, we need a way to accept payment. Super simple, PayPal, that’s where, that’s a super simple way to accept payment. You also can use stripe, we use stripe, I added in here, John did a training on stripe. So you can click there if you’re interested in stripe. But these are the things that we want to set up like before in one week, right? Like before February 14, we want to be able to make sure that we can accept payment. So when people are like I’m ready to sign up, we’re like we have a step, we have a process, we have a system, we also need a price point.

So I’m assuming we’re gonna be doing some coaching on this one today, we need to identify the right price point. So you can make $2,000 in those two weeks. And we don’t want it hard. We don’t want it too hard to fulfill, either. So we don’t want this. And this, this affects your excitement as well, too. We want this to be something that’s easy to fulfill, we also want to make sure that we are able to make our $2,000. So we’re probably not going to sell like a $20 thing for our offer, because we need to make, we would need to sell a lot of those. So this is where the math comes in, we want to know like how many we need to sell in those two weeks and what our price point is.

We also need a marketing plan. So we’re going to make this super simple, we’re gonna just tell people what you do and invite them to pay. So in this sheet, I have a lot of scripts, we can go through them based off our examples today in our hot seats today, we need a daily reach out and posting plan. And your goal really is to reach out to at least five people per day, or to talk to at least five to 10 people on phone or Zoom about your offer each week. So marketing is that and this is a mistake, one of the mistakes I see people make is they’re sending out links, right, it’s links to sales pages, links to this link, here’s the link, here’s the link and hoping that someone is going to buy from that link. And so instead, over these two weeks, what we really want to do and this is number one down here, like we want to make that one on one personalized connection with them, we want to build that relationship, we want to listen to that potential client, we want to make that one offer with a personalized recommendation. And that’s how you’re going to start to generate sales into your business. So we’re gonna keep it super simple with your marketing plan.

And then we’re also going to going to have a sales calendar. So one of the things we want to do is we want to make sure that we block out time in your calendar over those two weeks for sales calls or for reaching out, for emailing or messaging people for those 14 days. So oftentimes, we set goals you guys know all about goals and planning here right here in this group. We do goals and plans all day long. And there’s one step in our 90 Day planning challenge where we actually take those goals and we take out our Google Calendar and actually block out time. And so that’s what you want to do today, like during our pre call is you want to go through and block out time in your calendar every day for when you’re going to either have these sales conversations and when you’re going to be reaching out to people as well, so those are the five things we can I can answer questions about those five things.

I wanted to also make a couple more notes, we also want to make sure that all roads lead to the sales call. So it’s a lot easier. I think I kind of mentioned this before, it’s a lot easier to make a sale over zoom over phone or in person. Rather than just relying on an email and a link to buy or a DM and a link to buy or something like that, or text message, whatever it is, we want to make sure that we’re personalizing it. So I always always say, oh, all roads lead to some sort of personal connection. Also, don’t worry about actually, I know this is gonna be hard to wrap your brain around. But don’t worry about actually the fulfillment of whatever you’re selling, you’re gonna start fulfilling March 1. So you can fulfill when these two weeks are over these two weeks are for marketing, these two weeks are for you learning how to sell, you learning how to generate income. So don’t create content for your course, don’t create content for your product or spend time on on on that part, until the two weeks are over. If you can’t, like you know, if there’s something you already have that that you can like, quickly get out, like that’s fine. Or if you need to like book, like a coaching call with someone, I would recommend if your coach like having the calls scheduled after the February 28 date, so that you can continue to be selling because sometimes you start selling and then someone buys and you stop everything, you stop all your selling so that you can fulfill.

And so we want to make sure that up until February 28 You are just focused, you have the plan and you’re gonna keep doing the sales and the marketing. And then things will feel chaotic. Trust me, I get it. Anytime you’re launching anything for the first time or learning how to sell or putting yourself out there like this, it can feel a little chaotic, but we’re going to improve after the two weeks are over. That’s why you know, I have a whole training on systems systems, right? Like we can improve later. But for now we’re getting out there and starting to learn the process of selling. A key way to find more time for this challenge is to remove social media distractions. So spending less time scrolling more time taking action on your 2k goal. Just remembering that like one moment really can count and could lead to that future sale. Like one DM one minute spending like reaching out to someone I know before I go to bed now part of my nighttime routine is I log out of social media so that when I wake up, I’m not inclined to like jump on because that’s it’s a really easy habit, right? If you have a second, you’re like, Oh, let me just see what’s on Instagram or Facebook. And so because I’m logged out on my phone now, I don’t do that, right. First thing in the morning, I’ll like read a book or I’ll do something else if I have a couple minutes there. So removing social media distractions could be a good way to start to generate more time for you to focus on this goal. So what questions are coming up about the checklist and then we will dive into the hot seats and we’ll kind of go through each of these steps in our in the hot seats.

Stephanie says what about attracting people to your Instagram? Okay, I’m going to share this again because I know we had some people come in late. There will be a replay. Don’t worry. Okay, there’s the outline. And that has the checklist on it. And we’re gonna make this beautiful, you know, that really will help me make this beautiful, but I’m doing what what I’m teaching you guys, right like, we’re just getting it out there. We’re just starting because what happens is sometimes we know how to help people and solve people’s problems. But if it has to be perfect, like if this Google Doc had to be perfect, and I felt like it had to be on brand and I had to have help making it beautiful, then it just it wouldn’t get out there to help you. Right? So that’s where it’s a great example of okay, maybe next month, Beverly can take this and make it beautiful, right? So it’s like I’m continuously improving, but I’m getting my stuff out there first.

Okay, so when it comes to Okay, so good question, Stephanie. What about attracting people to your Instagram? Okay, so to me that falls into of our five steps here, attracting people to your Instagram may fall into the marketing plan step, right. But at this point, and and that’s a great question for like our masterclass specifically on Instagram later this month. But for this step, you’re gonna tell people what you do and invite them to pay and use one of our scripts, right? So it may not be, we have to, if you guys don’t know and love your career formula, we have this. We have the networking map, has anyone done the networking map in love your career formula, where we map out our network, and we figure out who we already know, like, who are our close ties with our family and friends? Who are, you know, kind of weaker ties, maybe it’s like, you know, your colleagues, your social media connections, the people you went to university with.

Stephanie, you and I are a great example. Right? Because we both went to the same undergrad, university, we didn’t know any, we didn’t know each other. I don’t know, when we don’t even we don’t need to get into like dates of graduation and all that. But we have that bond, right, like we have that similarity, and then we connected on LinkedIn. Right? And so there’s so many people like that, Stephanie. Of all the people that we went to undergrad grad with, right, like all those people are your connections, you all now have something in common to connect over. And so that’s where I see as far as like in two weeks, we’re not going to build our Instagram you know, to 5000 people in two weeks right? This isn’t going to be like a make money rich quick on Instagram training or anything like that. This is mapping out who we know, who we can reach out to, who we can ask for referrals and when we get to the scripts, we can kind of we can go through all the scripts, and friends of friends.

I think, Caitlin, I don’t know if Caitlin’s here today. Caitlin is one is going through our Career Coach certification program. And she said she got three new clients yesterday with one referral, one referral. So and that referral was in her network right like someone she knew, referred her to three other people and then she made three sales. So that’s that’s what I’m talking about when when it comes to you know, being creative as far as putting yourself out there. Definitely want to put yourself out there on Instagram, you know and share with people your offer what you have.
If you want to find a job or business you love that supports the life you really want. You are invited to my membership CLASS, the love your work in life system. Inside of CLASS, you are going to get support and coaching so you can make money doing what you love. Whether you’re job searching or growing your own business. I’ll guide you through a success path full of step by step guides and tools to help you implement and make progress to take you from work you have to do to work you love to do it’s time to have a career business you love that supports the life you really want. Go to www.classycareergirl.com/start to get started.

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