[DOWNLOAD] Free Planner
This week we launched our brand new 90-Day FREE Planner.
I worked so hard on this planner over the summer. I am so happy to put this beautiful digital guide out into the world. This planner has played such a huge role in helping us launch 476 dream careers and businesses and today it’s yours FREE!
I know I could and probably should sell this baby but I don’t want to. The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Best Year EVER is our gift to you.

2017 Planner

[DOWNLOAD] Free Planner

If you are planning for this year, make sure you grab this ultimate guide to planning the best year ever. It’s broken down into 90-day increments to help you make your dreams happen. It’s a workbook and planning guide to launch your dream and love your life. Downloading this free digital guide will be the best decision you’ve made all year.
Go grab your digital planner now: https://www.classycareergirl.com/freeplan
And will you do me a favor? Share this with just ONE friend who loves to plan, thanks!

Sections of the workbook:

-Vision Journal
-Annual Plan
-Quarterly Plan
-Weekly Plan
-Looking Back
Thank you for all your sweet comments and great feedback on how much you love the planner. A lot of time went into creating it so we appreciate it!!
Big shoutout to Lor on TEAM CCG who helped me create this planner!
P.S. Speaking of free, make sure to check out our Freedom Workshop, which starts December 29th!

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