5 Not So Obvious Reasons Why You Haven’t Been Promoted

5 Not So Obvious Reasons Why You Haven’t Been Promoted

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Dorianne St Fleur

Dorianne is a Human Resources professional who has successfully transformed her career through content creation and social media. She has had extensive experience with career development, talent and performance management, employee relations and recruiting. Dorianne is the founder and lead consultant at KIR Consulting Group, a full-service career coaching firm dedicated to partnering with millennial professionals who want to revamp their personal brand in order to find their dream career.

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Krystal - May 11, 2016

4. You’re meeting expectations – not exceeding them is my life dealing with employees.

I am a manager at a small, but very successful company. I have been with my company for 5 years, but many of my co-workers whom I manage have worked here longer. The company has grown and evolved so much in the past few years that it barely resembles the company it once was. Some of these co-workers get angry when people get promoted above them or to other, more *prestigious* departments and they feel skipped over. I’ve tried time and again to explain that the efforts they put in in their jobs and in the company 7 years ago isn’t the same as being proactive and taking initiative today.


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