What NOT to Wear to a Job Interview
Everyone wants to look their best for a job interview. After all, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Besides, if the person interviewing you sees that you didn’t put any effort into your attire, they may assume you are sloppy and won’t put any effort into your job, either.
You certainly don’t want that! While looking nice is a no-brainer, sometimes your version of looking your best isn’t what your interviewer will find appropriate. Here we’ll focus on several interview wardrobe no-no’s you should avoid if you want to nail your next interview.

Job Interview No-Nos: What Not to Wear

Low-Cut Tops

No matter how well-made or expensive your blouse is, no one will take notice of this if you’ve got a ton of cleavage spilling out everywhere. Some women get a little confidence booster by showing off a luscious décolletage, but a job interview isn’t the place to flaunt what your mama gave you.
Even displaying a moderate amount of cleavage is inappropriate. The good news is you don’t have to leave that flattering, low-cut blouse on the hanger the morning of your interview; just wear a camisole made of preferably the same material as your blouse in a coordinating or complementary color.

Spike Heels

Unless you are pursuing a career in a high-fashion industry, it’s probably best to stay away from spike heels for your job interview. Not only are they generally more appropriate when going out for cocktails or out with friends, but they up your chances of stumbling or tripping when you’re already focusing on managing your nerves.
If it’s a little extra height that you need to complete your look (short girls unite!), opt for thicker-heeled shoes like tall Mary Janes, boots or simple pumps with a wider heel. Another tip: it’s probably not wise to choose anything higher than a 3-inch heel.

Open-Toed Shoes

Sandals and other open-toed shoes are considered casual by many companies, so even if you have a gorgeous pedicure to show off and a pair of nice, conservative peep-toe heels, leave them in the closet and opt for a closed-toe shoe. After all, you can still have fun with a closed-toe shoe by choosing a t-strap style or classy two-tone variety.

Visible Tattoos

While tattoos aren’t nearly as taboo in the workplace as they were 10 years ago, many hiring managers do not consider them professional. Many employers do not permit employees who work with clients to display body art. Most body tattoos are easy enough to cover up, but tattoos on your arms or legs can be tricky. You may need to be creative in how you cover your ink.
For instance, a wide silver cuff bracelet could cover a wrist tattoo, wearing your hair down could cover a neck tattoo, and tights or pantyhose could cover an ankle or leg tattoo. If you are wearing dress pants and a blouse, make sure that your top does not ride up when you sit down to reveal a lower back tattoo.

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Skin Tight Clothing

This is one of the most important ‘what not to wear’ tips. There is a difference between well-tailored or fitted clothing and too-tight clothing. If your top, pants or skirt hugs your body to the point that a “shelf” occurs, drawing attention to your bosom or rear, you should probably change into something a bit looser.
Also, make sure you’re not drawing attention to a muffin top or love handles! A jacket or cardigan is the easiest solution to this problem.

Anything Wrinkled or Ill-Fitting

No matter how nice of a dress or pants suit you’re wearing, if any bit of it is wrinkled, dragging on the floor, or falling off your shoulders, you’re going to come off sloppy. Take your interview outfit to the dry cleaners to get it well-pressed and have your favorite pieces tailored to fit you correctly.

Following these job interview tips will help you feel confident and relaxed in your interview.
Good luck!

Wondering what to wear to your next interview?  Alvina Lopez, a freelance writer and blog junkie, is going to give us some tips on what not to wear.

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