CCG Roundup: Traveling and Twitter
Happy weekend! Time to get caught up on what you missed for the week and do a little learning to get one step closer to making your dream life happen this weekend!  From traveling abroad to finding a job on Twitter, we’ve got lots for you to check out this weekend.

Here’s What You Missed This Week at CCG:

4 Critical Questions to Ensure a New Job: The vast majority of people will stay stuck in the same job next year. Here are 4 questions to help you move past your fear and into a new job this year.
I Need Alone Time at Work: Here is how to handle the day when you are an introvert working with extroverts.
How to Start a Mastermind Group: Here are 6 steps to take to start a mastermind group this year.
21 Business Books You Should Read: If there is one thing that will move your business forward in 2016, it’s getting the right education and investing in yourself. The good news is that the investment doesn’t have to be huge because these 21 business books are all you need.
Best Websites to Job Search Online: There are thousands of job sites on the web right now and most people waste a ton of time doing a job search online. Our goal is to make the most of what little time you have. The more jobs you apply to, the better your chances! So here are our top five websites to help you job search online.
7 Ways to Land a Job With Twitter: Think LinkedIn is the only social media platform for job searchers? Think again. Twitter is becoming one of the best social media sites to land a job.
4 Benefits of Getting a Business Coach: My business coach made me dream bigger and really made me see all that I was capable of. Sometime you just need someone who believes in you to push you on to bigger and better things. That is why I highly recommend that you also get the support you need to help you become the woman that you are capable of. 
The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Booked at Speaking Events: Speaking is an excellent way to spread your message to multiple people at once. If you are a business owner, it’s also a great way to sell your programs and services. Instead of speaking to each person individually, you can speak to multiple people at once and actually save time and make more money helping people and making a difference. When you start speaking, word starts spreading and people refer you to other people to speak.  You just have to get the ball rolling and the rest is easy.
5-Step Email Help Guide: So, your inbox is overflowing. It’s stressing you out. You have pages of unreturned emails and you don’t think you will ever keep up.  You also have a bad habit of constantly checking your email and you know it’s not helping your productivity at work. So, how can you be more productive and smarter about managing your email inbox throughout the day?
Why Every Successful Woman Should Live Abroad: Here’s the thing about going global: It’s about BECOMING cut out for it. If you’re looking to thrive in your career or change it up, then living aboard is the exact thing you need.

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