5 Top Trends For Fashion This Spring
2016 has started out as a colorful year and will continue to astound everyone with new fresh top trends in outfits and styles! This season is filled with combinations of designs and colors for everyone. We are excited. Aren’t you?

5 Top Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Spring

Trend #1: Geometric Patterns 

Geometric Patterns top trends

If you are a fan of lines and shapes then you can redecorate your wardrobe with outfits full of geometric patterns! Strut this spring with checkered shirts and lovely lined dresses that you can show off, complemented by accessories and patterns of different shapes and design styles.
Flannel and similar patterns may not be for everyone, but find it in what form it could be right for you; perhaps a checkered dress may give you a nice contemporary feel, or a tucked in flannel shirt can make you look very southern and confident!
Whatever geometry you choose to buy and look good in is all up to you! It is a look you cannot go wrong with, plus vertical lines will even make you look thinner so that is a bonus. (Image source: Flickr)

Trend #2: Fringe

the fringe jacket top trends


Get ready to make a statement with fringe this spring. You’ll definitely want a fringe jacket in your closet. We love this one from the NIC+ZOE spring collection. We love that it features textural stitching in cork color tones, braided interest on the waist and cuffs, as well as fun fringe hemlines. We are planning on wearing this jacket with some white spring pants in our closet.

Trend #3: 19th Century

Live in the 19th Century top trends

The Victorian era is back! For all those old-time lovers who still enjoy sitting under candle-light and daydream about dancing in a ballroom, you can relive that experience, this spring! Bring back the floral puffed-sleeves you can feel like a true lady in. It does not just have to be a gown, but puffed sleeved tops you can be worn effortlessly when you go out, or floral pants that make you feel both modern and Victorian at the same time. Don’t feel ashamed and bring the 19th Century back in 2016! (Image Source: Flickr)

Trend #4: Orange, Orange, Orange

Orange is the New Spring Color top trends

There is always one color that dominates the rest each season. Well, it appears that orange is the color to wear for the spring of 2016. It is not only a bright and bold color but can be worn by most people irrespective of their age, skin tone, body build and even height. A great splash of orange on your dress, or a nice faded tone on a top with light pants; even a bright orange bag. Whichever form it may be in, you need to go shop for the orange you feel is the right one for you.
Remember the number one rule of fashion is creativity. It all depends on how well you mix your wardrobe up and your ability to pull off that dazzling look. (Image source: Flickr)

Trend #5: Vests

Vest of the season

The statement vest of the season, the Watercolor Vest features winding, vertical lines with a blend of Foundation colors and pops of Collection colors from NIC+ZOE. Pair with the Stretch Stitched Belt or Raffia Belt for a cinched waistline.

Happy shopping for these top trends!

Post written in collaboration with NIC+ZOE.

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