The Vintage Career Girl vs. Today’s Career Girl
In honor of Mother’s Day, I am so excited to share with you a post by my amazing mother who writes a blog about her travels at My Vintage Journeys.  Recently, she wrote about the differences between the Vintage Career Girl vs. the Classy Career Girl of today.  Most of us don’t realize how many changes there have been but my mom is here to fill us in on what we missed.  

The Vintage Career Girl vs. Today’s Career Girl

My daughter Anna diligently writes a great blog called Classy Career Girl.  Reading her blog daily challenged me to think about the differences between the classy career girl of today and the vintage career girl of the 60’s and 70’s. Did you know that:
  • In the 60’s and early 70’s women almost always majored in education, nursing, or sociology – today they have majors all over the spectrum and there are NO LIMITS to what they can accomplish.
  • Employment ads in all the national newspapers were divided between female and male job openings. Today the job search takes full advantage of current technology with no indication of gender.
  • All managers had secretaries and, of course, my first job (even though I was a college graduate) was secretary to a Personnel Manager (now known as Human Resources). Fortunately, I worked for a rather progressive female who I respected and learned a lot from.
  • I’m not exactly sure what the college graduates are getting for starting salaries these days but I know it exceeds my $118.00 per week. I managed to live in Manhattan, New York on that salary in 1969.
  • While living in New York in 1969, I shopped at Alexander’s and Orhbach’s for discounted clothing – today I think it would be Marshalls and Ross. I loved to walk through Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales and look at all of the fancy apparel, accessories, and cosmetics. Saks and Bloomingdales were then unique to just a few cities, so shopping in NYC was a very big deal.
  • In those days, you needed to be at least 26 with a good income in order to qualify for a credit card. Needless to say, we frequented banks, deposited our checks and were forced to live within our means. I think we all did. You could only spend what you had – it was all pretty simple. Frankly, it still is that simple– (if we forget about keeping up with the Jones’s).
  • No Starbucks – just the best New York coffee anywhere – we would stand in the “to go” line at the delicatessen to purchase it on our way to work. Even the coffee carts had good coffee. Maybe I should mention the warm buttered corn muffins?
  • I walked everywhere with comfortable shoes – I still do. How can these career girls wear the high heels day in and day out?
Geez, isn’t my mom smart and full of such wisdom!  I definitely wouldn’t be the career girl I am today without the lessons of my mother. Love you, mom!!

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