Temporary Jobs CAN Offer a Permanent Solution
Have you been diligently looking for your next job opportunity with no luck? Do you think temporary job are not a good solution when you need a permanent position?  You are not alone. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of February 2017, approximately 4.7% of the population is still unemployed. While that percentage is down from last year, it is still a significant percentage.
So where does that leave you? Competing with hundreds or even thousands of applicants for the same positions. While you might have lots of experience and education within a particular field, sometimes it’s just not enough to get your foot in the door.

That’s Where Temp Jobs Come in

Of course, you want to secure a position that provides you with permanent income, benefits, and the potential for growth. However, when that opportunity is not yet available, there are great alternatives! Temporary jobs, or temp jobs for short, offer a short-term solution to your job search, and with any luck can turn into more.
As the global economy continues to recuperate, many businesses have had to resort to other methods of filling positions. Hiring temp workers allow businesses to still operate, without the costs of hiring full-time staff.
Temporary jobs can last for any duration of time and often have the potential to become permanent positions. You can find temporary jobs in just about any field. Setting yourself up for success will require a few key steps:
  1. Applying through a local temp agency
  2. Accept an assignment
  3. Keep your eyes open

Apply Through Local Temp Agencies

The first order of business would be to locate temp staffing agencies in your area. When looking for the best temp agency there are a few key elements you want to consider. Some of those factors include the length of time they’ve been in business, the frequency of job openings, types of jobs they scout for, and range of pay.
Once you’ve found a company that offers temp services, you need to schedule an appointment. This appointment is typically called the intake. During this time you may be interviewed by the temp agency and may also have to take some basic skills tests (typing, mathematical, etc.). Be sure to treat this as you would any job interview, as the recruitment team will essentially act as your advocate for available positions. You want to make a great first impression.
Quick tip: During the intake process, be sure to bring up the fact that you’re looking for temp to permanent hire positions.

Accept an Assignment

Once you’ve gone through the intake process, generally you will be contacted by your recruitment officer once there is an available position that matches your skills and preferences. Be sure to take down all the information as it pertains to the new assignment such as the location, hours of the assignment, and duration.
You will want to put your best foot forward in performing all required tasks. If you can, try to learn the position and more about the company you’re working for. The more of a reliable resource you are to the company, the more willing they might be to keep you on for a longer period, or even offer you a permanent position.

Keep Your Eyes Open

You never know where the opportunity to become a full-time employee might come from. Maybe someone within the company is retiring, and you have the credentials to fill their position, or maybe there is a position within another department that you could apply for. Just know that as a temporary staff, you are a shoe in above new applicants.
Why? Well because an employer already knows your work ethic, and you, already know the position.
Sure, the job market is rough on everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something now, to better your chances in the future. So update your resume, brush up on your interviewing skills, and begin looking for temporary job opportunities. While they may not seem like much now, it can turn into a positive thing in the future.
Today’s post is written by Kevin, an account director at for a boutique investment firm and has been working within finance, marketing, and public relations for over eight years. 

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