Starting a Business With a New Baby with Sarah Mestiri

Today I have such a fun interview for you.

So, today you’ll meet Sarah Mestiri who was one of my clients. A long time ago, she went through one of my first programs called Love Your Career Formula to identify her dream career. About a year ago, she just had a baby and decided she wanted to start a business so she could have more time with her child.

She had seen how I grew my business as a mom and wanted to learn from me and so she became one of our CLASS members and has been working through all of my business growth training. I’m so excited for you to hear her story of how she launched her business with a baby and during a crazy pandemic year.

So let’s dive in.

Starting a Business With a New Baby

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Sarah Mestiri

What are some of your WINS you have achieved since joining?

  • Started my facebook page.
  • Got my first paying client.
  • Clarified my brand through doing #Mystartupchallenge.
  • Got support from Anna when I joined Stu McLaren’s course.
  • Did a market research survey that was successful (got 120+ answers).

Before you joined, what is the top objection that was holding you back?

I have no idea what entrepreneurship is and I’m not sure how to start.


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