Level Up Your Life and Career as a Working Mom (+ 18 Self Care Ideas)
When half of your time is spent wiping butts and the other half is invested in growing your business – I get you. The two most important things in life: my family and my business.
Oh, and myself.
Some of the time.
When you get wrapped up in literally taking care of your entire world, it’s easy to forget about yourself. Especially when you’ve been working all day, and come home to tiny feet running around the house followed by, “Mommy, I want a snack.”
As soon as you walk through the door, mommy mode kicks in.  Taking care of kids, dishes, laundry, and your regular pick-up everything on the floor routine.  You hustle until it’s bedtime stories, and kisses good night. And once they’re tucked in bed, you’re left wondering what to do with the little energy you have left.

Level Up Your Life and Career as a Working Mom (+ 18 Self-Care Ideas)

“Oh, I’ll take a shower in the morning instead.”
“Did I seriously forget to eat dinner tonight AGAIN?”
We’re investing all of our energy into our careers, our lifestyle and children, and are in total “give” mode.  The truth is, being selfless is a beautiful thing, but it can also be a curse.
We become so “selfless” that we give, give, give and give some more until we have nothing else left.  Nothing for ourselves, nothing for our kids, nothing for anything or anyone else. Then we break down.
The breakdowns look something like this:
  • Zoning out when life is vibrantly happening all around you.
  • Laying on the couch (or in bed) all day because you just. can’t. deal.
  • Avoiding everything and everyone.
  • Feeling like things will never get better.
  • Feeling like you’re worn thin (because you are).
  • Not having interest in things you love, because your brain is pretty fried from overload.
We’re skipping lunches, spending most of our time helping others, waking up late because we stayed up too long working the night before, and forgetting to take time to get ourselves ready.  
We don’t even see how it takes its toll on us until it’s all piled on top, suffocating us.
Which is why taking care of yourself could be the biggest missing link in your life puzzle right now.
Think about it for a minute… When’s the last time you put your own needs before someone else’s?
Self-care isn’t a dirty word.  It’s not a luxury.  It’s not a once-a-month random trip to get your nails done. It’s a lifestyle, a daily practice, and a necessary piece of your day.  It’s the most unselfish, giving-back-to-others thing you can do.  And you never really realized it.
It doesn’t pop up on your iCalendar randomly, at a convenient time.  Self-care doesn’t present itself and ask you to take it up on its offer.  It’s a constant, and conscious choice that you make to take care of yourself so that you can have the massive energy you need to do what makes you happy.
Imagine if you woke up in the morning to take care of yourself, instead of “waking up for work.”
Imagine if you took a nap, because you really freaking needed it, and you didn’t feel bad about yourself after.
Imagine if you woke up a few minutes early to take care of yourself, and you made yourself a nutritious and delicious breakfast for YOU (and enjoyed it quietly!?)
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Imagine that you reached out to someone to meet up, just because they inspire you and make you feel like a better person. AND you even invested in some child care for a few hours!
If you’re ready to up-level your career and life, take time for yourself every day for self-care.
Self-care for the working mom doesn’t have to be a laborious, lavish thing.  It’s the choice you make, every day, to take care of yourself a little better.  A choice to fill your soul, so you can share your beautiful gifts with the world.

18 Self-Care Ideas for Working Moms

1. Take a nap. Sleep is a renewing process for your body, mind, and spirit.

2. Meditate in a sacred space.

3. Take a bath filled with Epsom salts, essential oils, and maybe even a bath bomb.

4. Give yourself a massagewith a massage hook and oil.

5. Go for a nature walk – infuse yourself with the earth while giving yourself sunlight (much needed for a mental boost).

6. Read something for joy – not to be better at your job, or to be a better parent, or to be a better partner… read something that brings you JOY. Something that sets your soul on fire.

7. Drink a hot, delicious cup of herbal tea for a mood boost.

8. Have a beautiful lunch with someone who brings you joy and leaves you feeling happy.

9. Share a brilliant idea with someone who inspires you to take action.

10. Spend 5 minutes in the morning, saying positive affirmations in the mirror.

11. Give something to someone in need out of kindness – the action of spreading wealth and kindness comes in full circle, friend.

12. Yoga – because it feels amazing, makes you feel good, and is mentally stimulating.

13. Grab a smoothie, fancy green juice, or delicious cup of coffee with someone you love.

14. Go outside and play with your kids – give yourself FULL permission to immerse yourself in their world and let go of your career obligations, work that needs to be done, and definitely get rid of all electronics. Just PLAY.

15. Chat with your favorite coach or therapist that pumps you up, gives you clarity, and brings you joy.

16. Invest in something for yourself that promotes growth, clarity, and happiness.

17. Buy yourself something that makes you feel strong and beautiful.

18. Call someone you love, that you seem to never see.  Let them know how important they are to you.  Watch your spirit fill with joy, and release any guilt you may have held on to.

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