Resumes: 11 Ways To Impress an Employer in One Minute
Gone are the days when you could easily find a job and it didn’t matter if you had a long resume 10 pages long. Today, job searchers have to impress potential employers in less than a minute with a short resume. When you create your resume, you need a plan of action. Use the following tips and tricks all about resumes to impress your future employer.

Resumes: 11 Ways To Impress an Employer in One Minute 

1. Format. You need to make sure you format your resume in a way that does not bore the reader. Employers usually scan through the resume in a few seconds. If you are going to write it in essay format, there is a chance they might only get half way through.
2. Accomplishments. Use your accomplishments wisely. You have roughly 1 minute to impress the employer and what better way than by showing off your accomplishments. Do not focus a lot of energy on job descriptions as it does not impress as much as accomplishments.
3. Professional Resume. Sometimes you have to bring in the experts. Some people do this for a living and it is their job to know what employers want. If you do not feel like mastering it yourself, you might consider this option.
4. Keywords. Bigger companies have systems where they scan your resume and look for specific keywords. Adapt your resume to the specific post you are applying for and use keywords directly linked to the post. Sometimes going back to the job posting can give you a lot of clues.
5. References. You need to network with people who can be references on your job application. If you are looking for jobs with social media, having connections with people in that area will help. Name dropping works great in some instances.
6. Proofread. Please proofread your resume. This is very important. If you have spelling and grammar mistakes, your chance of getting hired is gone. Have a friend proofread it for you. A fresh pair of eyes can pick up mistakes quickly.
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7. Important Information First. Many employers only get half way through reading candidate’s resumes. Make sure you highlight the most important information first to ensure they read the entire resume. Impress them before they get bored.
8. Positivity. Express a positive attitude in your resume. Do not say anything negative like “I got fired because my boss does not like me.” No one cares and you should not bring that kind of vibe to your new employer. Show you would be a joy to work with and not a pain.
9. Specific Work Experience. Do not list every single work duty you have had. Instead, highlight the ones that connect with the job you are applying for. Make sure all the requirements are shown in your resume.
10. Honesty. This is also a big one. Employers can pick up when someone is lying on their resume. Do not tell any lies about things you cannot do. You will be tested on these false skills provided and it is going to be an embarrassing experience. Display honesty always so you don’t have to worry about doing anything you are not capable of doing.
11. Summarize. Make your resume exciting and job specific. Do not write a novel of a resume. No one wants to sit with 100 resumes that are all 10 pages long. Even if you have a lot of experience, try and summarize it in the best way possible. Less is definitely more when it comes to resume writing.
Use these tips to impress your future employer in 1 minute.

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