4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Woman Should Make
The New Year is upon us, and women all over are still making their resolutions. While many of us won’t be able to keep our resolutions, there are some promises we should really make an effort to keep. It is up to every woman to make the most of her life no matter what the circumstances are.
You may not have realized the importance of a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you are at a loss about which resolutions are best to make. Worry not, though; we’ve got a list of constructive and women-centric resolutions below that could serve to enhance your life.

4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Woman Should Make

1. Look At What You Want

If a woman has a family of any kind, she usually looks at what they want before her own wishes. This year, focus on what you want. If you take the kids to Disneyland every year and are sick of it, book a spa vacation for yourself now. Leave the kids with your husband or a relative and enjoy some time for yourself for a change.

2. Start Earning (If You Aren’t Already)

More women than men are homemakers, regardless of whether they do a job or not. However, if you aren’t earning yet, get on your feet and do so. Even if you’re all right with someone else financially supporting you, you should have some savings of your own.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a trophy wife or your husband/father earns a lot, or that you can’t leave the house. It’s never too early to start on the road towards independence. Financial freedom is something every woman should have. This would give you the courage to walk away from a relationship if it gets abusive, or support others when they need you. Give lessons, sell your crafted items, or work part-time. Your own earnings would give you a glow like nothing else!
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3. Get Checked Up

Women are notoriously self-sacrificing and usually would not look out for themselves, especially when it comes to health. We care more about our parents, our significant others, our children, and even our friends more than we do ourselves. This year, however, it’s time to change things up. We must remember that one cannot pour from an empty cup, so a visit to the doctor is imminent.
This does not mean just a regular check-up, but also a proper analysis by a gynecologist. We need to make sure everything is in working order down there! Many women suffer from excruciating period cramps every month, yet don’t realize that this isn’t the most normal thing. Severe cramps during that time of the month could signal something much more serious, like endometriosis.
Hence, take out the time for a thorough medical checkup. Get that blood work done, see what vitamins you need to take, and get a doctor to look at your reports. You may be able to do away with a lot of worry, pain, and frustration this way. And don’t forget the regular pap smear! This could catch many cancers very easily and have them out of you before you know it!

4. Spread Positivity

Unfortunately, many women have a habit of bringing other women down. This may or may not be voluntary on our part, but we should resolve to take a closer look at what we’re saying. Even if it’s our best friend, we shouldn’t be so quick to say that they’ve put on weight or let themselves go. When all is said and done, we don’t know what the other woman has been going through.
This year, we should make a conscious decision to only let positivity shine out from our words. We would not comment on the first thing we see, but check to see if we would like to have the same comment about ourselves. If not, then we should look for something that is positive and affirming, and say that instead. For instance, instead of asking a woman why she isn’t married with kids yet, ask her how she’s doing. If you know she recently got a promotion at work, congratulate her and ask how her new position is going.
New Year resolutions are more than a tradition. They are a way of assessing ourselves and trying to better our future. We can all agree that women are very much concerned about self-improvement in any way, shape, or form. So don’t wait any longer! Put these resolutions on your list and see how the coming year works out for you.

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