Halfway Checkpoint! How Are Your New Year Resolutions Doing?
Since we’ve just made it through the first half of the year, it only seems right to examine how your goals are doing – in other words, the goals you had planned to achieve back in January. It’s simple to set resolutions for the year – the hardest part is to actually make them happen. But relax, we’ve all been there! Do you feel that you’re at your best? Have you made the most out of your new year resolutions? We’re here to find out.
Start by thinking back at the resolutions you had set in January. This shouldn’t be too hard if you really are trying to achieve them today. Four months ago, did you set resolutions that were realistic? Were they specific and attainable enough? Chances are, if they weren’t, you are far from achieving them at this very moment.
The thing with setting goals is that we tend to exaggerate all the goals we want to achieve for the New Year. Simply because it’s the time of the year where we expect and where others expect us to make the most changes. As a result, we set the bar too high. But here lies the biggest mistake: to set too many goals that aren’t realistic. The only result you get is a disappointment. Here’s something to bear in mind: those who start small achieve bigger.
Now, there are a couple of important questions to ask yourself as you think about your goals – in the present. Once you answer each one of them, you will find out how to adjust your plans accordingly and, as a result, will have more control over them.

Halfway Checkpoint! How Are Your New Year Resolutions Doing?

 1. What Are You Currently Doing to Bring You Closer to Your Goals?

Do you have day-to-day plans to bring you closer to them? Whatever strategy or method you’re using, if it’s not working, think of something different. It goes without saying that your ways of achieving goals is completely personal and depends on the goal itself.

2. Have You Forgotten Any of Your Goals?

It’s unbelievably easy to put them aside…If you have, implement them back into your list – that is to say, if you still want to achieve them!

3. Have Your Priorities Changed?

Maybe, you came up with new goals that have replaced the resolutions you had back in January – which is totally fine… Whatever makes you happy, right?
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4. Did You Actually Accomplish a Goal Since Then?

Perhaps you have, but not in the way you initially planned.
The best advice I can give you is to actually track your progress – this can be through writing or any form that you want.

5. Are You Feeling Any Better Than at The Beginning of The Year?

This is probably the most important question. Generally, when we achieve goals, we feel that we are the “best version of ourselves.” The sense of achievement, the change in perspective and feelings explain it all.
Just to share an example: I quit smoking 3 weeks ago. It certainly was later than expected, but at least I achieved one of my New Year’s Resolutions, and I feel completely refreshed –indeed, the sense of achievement unfolds in so many positive ways.
To wrap it up, whatever answers you have for each question written in this article – it’s never too late to achieve the new you. If you’re still working towards achieving your goals, then still give yourself a tap in the back – because some progress is better than no progress. Use these “check-up” questions not only to track your progress – but also as a way to motivate you! Remember, 2018 is still your time to shine.

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