Quick Fixes for The 5 Most Common Dieting Mistakes at The Office
No matter how much of a wellness rock star you are, sometimes it feels like all bets are off when you step foot in the office. Between catered lunches, leftovers in the break room, and daily birthday celebrations, sticking to your healthy lifestyle at work can feel like, well, work.
And you might not even realize you’re sabotaging all those green smoothies and yoga sessions. Here are five ways you might be unintentionally undermining your efforts, plus easy ways to fix them. 

Quick Fixes for The 5 Most Common Dieting Mistakes at The Office

1. Eating at Your Desk

You already know that multitasking seriously cuts down on your productivity. But did you know it also seriously messes with your digestion?
Eating when you’re distracted (think powering through a presentation that’s due by the end of the day) prevents you from listening to your body. Meaning you might miss the “I’m full” signal.
And, when you’re not paying attention, you’re much more likely to overeat and underestimate how much you’ve eaten.
Even worse, you could end up eating more as the day goes on.
Quick Fix: It may seem simple, but taking a lunch break — one that involves getting away from your desk — will help you eat more mindfully. So find a relaxing place to eat and minimize multitasking.

2. Frequenting The Office Candy Dish

If you’ve ever kept a food journal, you’ve probably been surprised to learn you’re eating more than you think.
Swiping a chocolate every time you walk by the candy dish may not seem like a big deal. But those candies (not to mention calories!) can add up quickly. You could be eating hundreds of extra calories without even realizing it.
Quick Fix: Nip that craving in the bud by making sure you’re eating throughout the day. If you’re balancing your blood sugar, the sweets won’t look nearly as tempting. Another option? Finding a new route that bypasses the dish entirely.

3. Going Out to Lunch Every Day

Peer pressure doesn’t end after high school. Anyone who’s worked in an office and felt the FOMO over the daily lunch/gossip session understands the struggle.
While there’s no shortage of healthier options at restaurants these days, the healthiest food is still the food you make yourself. That way, you know exactly what you’re eating, and you don’t feel pressured to order dessert just because everyone else did.
Quick Fix: Brown bag it, baby. When you pack a lunch, you’re much more likely to get a balanced meal, and the nutrition and fuel your body needs. And you’re much less likely to cave into a group lunch. Bonus: You’re saving money, too.
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4. Sitting All Day

You’ve likely heard that sitting is like the new smoking. And it’s true.
Studies have shown a link between sitting for long periods of time and higher risks for health issues like anxiety, back pain, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.
Quick Fix: Set a reminder to get up from your desk once an hour. Whether you walk down the hall to talk to your coworker instead of sending an email, go for a walk around the parking lot, or take a stretch break, move your body.

5. Visiting The Vending Machine on The Reg

Let’s be honest, vending machines aren’t known for their healthy options. Chips, cookies, and candy are in heavy rotation. Chia bars, nuts, and seed mixes? Not so much.
If you’re window shopping the vending machine, you’re probably looking for a boredom fix or you’re really, really hungry. Either way, you’re going to grab the first option you lay eyes on. And it probably won’t be a piece of fruit.
Quick Fix: Keep healthy snacks on hand. Whether that means filling your desk drawers with all the goods or packing enough food for lunch and snacks, you need to be prepared if you’re going to eat clean in your cubicle.

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