How We Get 500,000 Page Views Per Month (Without Guest Posting)
We recently had a big milestone to celebrate at Classy Career Girl. 500,000 page views per month!! It’s something that definitely did not happen overnight or was it easy. It required a lot of studying tracking and figuring things out. The good news is that there are some foundational things we did in 2016 that really set us up for some major success and I am going to cover them today. Here is how we get 500K page views per month without guest posting which is what most other online marketers believe is the way to increase your traffic. I don’t and you’ll learn why in this podcast.

I created an online course all about how to get the same website traffic results as I have at CCG. The is called The Website Traffic Blueprint and right now the only way to access the blueprint is by joining Corporate Rescue Plan. Doors close on Jan 11th so depending on whether or not you are listening, we may or may not be open. Check out www.corporaterescueplan.com to get the Website Traffic Blueprint and join our membership community or add your name to the waitlist to be notified the next time we open doors!

How We Get 500,000 Page Views Per Month (Without Guest Posting)

When I published my book in 2014, I tried the strategy that everyone seems to think is the best for getting your website to grow, guest posting. I was pretty disappointed with the results of months of guest posting during my book launch. I wrote so many articles and had a lot of great articles published on some top websites. I got some new hits but nothing was steady whatsoever.  I quickly realized that growing my website traffic was not going to be done through guest posting. So in 2016, we changed things up and used some new strategies that worked better than ever! Here’s what we did and what worked for us:

1. Guest Hosting Not Guest Posting

This year we added the ability to submit a guest article to our site. This allowed us to publish one post daily and provided different topics and voices on the blog. I love this because my mission is always to help women and I don’t have all the answers. Offering guest submissions allows others to be part of my mission and provide their unique voice and story to others who need to hear it. I love helping other people get their writing out there too!
This last year that I went from 100,000 page views per month to 500,000 page views per month, I guest posted ZERO times. I used to guest post a lot back in 2012-2014 on top sites, and it would provide some visits but not very many.
My Website Traffic Blueprint is also not about getting a ton of followers on social media. It might be cool to have a lot of followers these days but guess what, the platform you love so much could be gone tomorrow. Instagram and Pinterest weren’t even around when I started my blog in 2010 so I created my homebase at Classycareergirl.com and still have readers coming back from six years ago.
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Of course, I am on all the social media platforms but everything leads back to my website and my blog articles. I have readers who have been reading my articles since 2010. They know me and continue to come back on a daily basis to see what’s new in our Classy Career Girl world.

2. Get on Top Lists instead “Top Career Advice/Experts” 

Instead of guest posting, we’ve had a lot more traffic come to our site by getting ranked on top lists for podcasts, career bloggers, and experts. We still get a ton of traffic from Forbes ranking us the top 100 career site of 2013. Work hard to build up your brand and the authority of your site and you will be on these rankings in no time!

3. Have a Plan For Your Traffic

Getting more website traffic is fun and all but just getting traffic is not a business. You have to have a way to earn an income from the traffic you are getting. I have said for a long time that having a blog isn’t a business. I learned that the hard way from blogging for years but never earning enough income to quit my job.
Before we even start, I want you to know very clearly WHY you want to grow traffic to your site. What’s your mission? Why is it important for you to have traffic coming your way? Do you want to impact other people and make a difference with the content you are sharing? Do you want to quit your day job and have more freedom in your life? Do you want to meet people around the world?
What is your website traffic leading to? It’s great to get a ton of traffic but I want the traffic coming your way to have a plan. Are you leading to an email optin or lead magnet? Are you leading to a free strategy session? Are you leading to an affiliate link, product, online course, coaching call or advertisement?
Whatever you do, have a plan for every single person that lands on your website.

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