10 (New!) Organizing Tips For a Better Year
It’s time for some decluttering, right? A fresh start. It’s time for a new chapter in your career or business. Many organizing tips all about the how to organize your closet or how to organize your house.
The organizing tips below are a little different. They are big picture mindset tips that you need to last you through the entire year.

If You are Ready for a Better Year, Here are 10 Organizing Tips to get You Started:

1. Clear Your Tolerations

Tolerations are things in your life that you are currently tolerating right now. They could be as simple as the shirt sitting in your closet that you have been meaning to return for weeks or something you can’t stand about the co-worker you sit next to.
When I first created my tolerations list, some of the things I was tolerating was a very messy desk, a bag of dry cleaning I kept forgetting to take to the dry cleaners and a messy closet that I majorly needed to organize. When I spent a weekend clearing my tolerations, I plugged my energy drains and immediately had more energy, happiness, and joy. I felt a huge weight off my shoulders and ready to begin something new.

2. Perfect the Present

It’s all about gratitude and how important it is to be thankful for everything currently in your life. If you are grateful for the job you have, even if it’s not your dream job, things will begin to change so you enjoy your job more and job opportunities for you will suddenly appear. The more gratitude you feel, the happier you will be.

3. Plug Your Energy Drains

What do you hate about your career and life? Write down a list of 10 that are draining your energy and spend a weekend plugging these energy drains if you can. This is going to free up your mind and energy. It is also going to make room and space for new opportunities to come your way.

4. Fix What is Wrong

You can’t take more on before you fix what is currently wrong. There will be no room or space and you will not be able to be open to new opportunities if you are stressed. I have had clients clear their tolerations, and it is life changing. New clients come to them. Opportunities open up at work. Co-workers change cubicles or leave jobs that they were ”tolerating” but thought they couldn’t do anything about it.

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5. Think Next Level

Go through your closet/office as the next level of you.Who do you want to become? What would she wear? What type of office would she work in? Go through the closet as the next level of you. Who do you want to become? If things don’t fit the you right now or who you want to become, get rid of it.
So for me, I am getting rid of a ton of clothes because I just feel now as a mom I have a different style than I did before I had my daughter. Fill in the gaps of what you need. Create some space. It needs to feel like the new you. You don’t need a ton of clothes. Less is best. It’s easier to pick out what to wear in the morning and the fewer decisions you have to make in the morning, the more brain power you will have for your career.

6. Love Your Workspace

Women are very sensitive to their environments. So look around at your workspace. Are you surrounded by junk? Do you absolutely love your office? Does it inspire you? Would you invite your friends to a meeting in your office? If not, it’s time to make some improvements to your office. Think about what does inspire you and what do you love? How can you add some of that to your workspace?
For me, this was as simple as getting some folders, frames, photos of my family and spending $25 at Target for some fun supplies.

7. Useful or Beautiful

Everything should be useful or beautiful in your office or home. If you have a pile of bills staring you in the face, you won’t be able to concentrate. Make your workspace a place where you love to be that is comfortable, beautiful and promotes your creativity.

8. Make Room

If you want a change, clean up and make room for the new. What reminds you of an old boss or old job, etc. I was tolerating and didn’t even realize it but I had a folder on my desk from a fertility clinic that reminded me of a time when I did IVF and it didn’t work and I was looking at it every day! I knew that needed to go!
Your surroundings are so important! When I removed that folder, I felt so much freer because that folder of a major disappointment was holding me down and I didn’t even realize it until I spent a day going through my workspace.

9. Honor What You Have

Most organizing tips you read leave this part out. Take care of what you have already been provided. Clean out your current car before obsessing over buying another one. Fall in love with your current house before wanting another one.

10. Clear Out Your Wallet

Do you have a good place to hold your money? Can it handle more money in your purse or is it jammed and messy? If you want more, make sure you take care of what you already have.

Which of these organizing tips are you going to implement for a better year?


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