5 Ways to Stand Out from Other Candidates in Your Job Search

5 New Ways to Stand Out as a Job Candidate Online

You’ve put in application after application, but feel like you’re getting lost in the sea of other applicants. I understand. I’ve been there. Attention to detail is key and with these tips, you can make sure you’re giving yourself your best chance to stand out from other candidates online.

1. Create a Professional E-mail Signature

When approaching potential employers via email, you may go through a great deal trying to reach out to them. Apart from the content of your email, a fantastic email layout is absolutely important. You not only want to avoid embarrassing errors but also stand out from their plethora of emails.

There is a lot of competition in the job market so your email must be compelling enough for the hiring manager to view your CV. An important part of your email is your signature; this is a fantastic way to present yourself as a professional using fewer words.

I highly recommend and use Online Signature Generator by CodeTwo. It is quick and very easy to use.

P.S – If using the Photo URL feature, simply right-click your profile picture from your social media page such us yourpublic LinkedIn page, click ‘copy image address’ and paste it in.

2. Clean Up Your Social Media Pages

Your social media profiles can have an unbelievable impact on your professional image. Spend some time going through your Facebook timeline and letting go of old embarrassing public posts.

Another great tip is to update your Facebook profile. Include your work experience, education, and even a quirky bio. Some recruiters not only use Facebook to search for candidates, they sometimes also use adverts to target specific job titles.

3. Set Up Google Alerts For Job Vacancies

Google came up with the built-in search feature called Google for Jobs; however, this AI-Powered Job Search Engine has only rolled-out in the U.S. for now.

Nevertheless, there is another feature you can use as a supplement in the meantime, which is Google Alerts.

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This is super easy and can act as your very own job board that works while you sleep. You can also set the alert frequency, region, and more metrics based on your preferences. Using the right keywords, you will receive job vacancies as soon as they are posted.

4. Use The Google Advanced Search Feature

The Google Advanced Search feature is a hidden gem that a lot of people have probably never used. Rather than solely relying on job boards and emails, you can run an advanced search on Google to combine results from company websites and job boards all in one.

5. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

I cannot think of one recruiter who does not use LinkedIn in some shape or form. This is why your LinkedIn profile is like your job search passport and 99% of employers will view your LinkedIn profile at some point. You should take some time to complete as many fields in your profile as is possible.

LinkedIn profiles with well-written keywords and job responsibilities will also help you show up more frequently in candidate searches. Ideally, try aiming for 6 bullet points per job role, with 16 – 18 words per bullet point. Also, include certifications and notable achievements.

Finally, except for personal reasons, avoid creating a LinkedIn profile without a photo. Invest in a professional and aesthetically appealing headshot or portrait because an awesome profile picture is subconsciously enticing. I personally connect more with people who have good profile photos. It will put a face to your detailed profile and is the icing on your LinkedIn cake!

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