4 Critical Questions to Ensure a New Job This Year
Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get a new job this year?
If so, bravo! Also: You aren’t alone.
The one problem? The vast majority of people who make this resolution will still be stuck in the same job in 2017.
That’s a deflating thought, no?
What happens to all of the sparkly brilliance and motivation, why do so many people fail?
Well, it all boils down into one word: Fear.
Any of this sound familiar?
“What if I quit and can’t pay the rent?”
“What if I try something new and I’m a giant failure?”
“What if the new job is just more of the same? I might as well stay here.”
Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of being on the street…we all have them, because fear is critical to our very survival.

But fear is also the #1 reason why you stay stuck.

So, before you dust off your resume or warm up your network, why not start by dealing with your  fear.  Fun!
No really – there’s a whole lot of things we can do to make you feel empowered and focused as you look to change jobs or careers this year, but the first step IS actually fun.

The vast majority of people will stay stuck in the same job next year. Here are 4 questions to help you move past your fear and into a new job this year.

Take a moment and write down all of your fears.  Just list them all out, no matter how big or small.
Okay, next up, take out a new sheet of paper, and write down these sentences, and fill in the blanks:
  1. If I got fired and lost all of my money today, this is the first thing I’d do:
  2. I wouldn’t end up on the street, because I’d call ___________ and do ____________.
  3. I have many skills that I can count on! Three things that I can do well are:
  4. One thing that always makes me feel better when I feel anxious or scared is: _______
Okay, now compare your lists.  Are you starting to see how you’ve got more skills and resources than you imagined?  Maybe it’s time to tear up that list of fears and throw it away, and flesh out that list of skills and resources a bit more.  You can do this! Don’t let fear hold you back from that amazing new job this year!

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