4 Ways to Make Money Online (That Isn’t Copywriting or Blogging)
The 21st century is definitely the era of people who love freedom. Due to the lack of jobs in regular job sectors and the burdens the office places on their employees, people tend to choose careers (like entrepreneurship) that will give them desired freedom and solid income.
However, most people have this assumption that you need a lot of money to even consider starting something like an online business, but nowadays there are types of ventures where you only need a place (which can be your home) and a very modest investment (we’re talking modest). We’re tired of reading about copywriters and proofreaders as the only options for home-based jobs, so these are 4 more jobs that you can have without leaving your house!

4 Ways to Make Money Online (That Isn’t Copywriting or Blogging)

1. Buying and Reselling 

This is a form of business that can be done without any hassle. Buying and reselling means to buy an item in order to sell it for a profit. This is what most companies do nowadays. These types of buying and reselling business are super easy to set up and run with the help of the Internet and social media. For example, you can start buying some goods from the Chinese giant like Aliexpress and then resell them in your community or start a Shopify or Etsy account for reselling. My favorite example is Nasty Gal (you’ve seen Girlboss on Netflix by now, right?). That was exactly the buying and reselling type of business that made her company famous. So, just create a page on Facebook and start your own company.

2. Virtual Assistance

Currently, one of the most popular freelance jobs is Virtual Assistant. Basically, a virtual assistant does stuff the client doesn’t have time to do. In today’s market, people tend to hire virtual assistants over regular assistants for help with administrative work, data entry, and customer service. So if you know how to use Microsoft Office and sound friendly on the phone that might be a good start for you.
The best part of being a virtual assistant is that a person can be an assistant to several people at the same time. This way, you can earn a lot of money doing this type of work.
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3. Becoming a Private Tutor

This is one of the easiest ways of working or starting a business from home. Becoming a private tutor won’t only let you make money, but will also give you an opportunity for constant learning and boosting your communication skills. However, to succeed in this job, you must be proficient and competent in a subject (at least one).
Make sure that your first day of tutoring with students is really smooth, too! In private tutoring, a lot of business comes from word of mouth. Make sure the student learns and enjoys the session. It’ll bring you more clients and build your reputation.

4. Customer Service Representative

This job can pay up to $20 per hour! All you have to do is answer phone calls, provide solutions, create reports, and keep a record of them. The simplicity of this job is attracting more and more people every day to become a customer service representative for different brands and products. You don’t need to have any capital or sophisticated skills to start. All you need is the ability to be ethical, patient, and friendly on the phone. The obvious benefit here is that you don’t have to leave the house to do this job.

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